16 Arrested in Phoenix ICE Protest


Americans supporting illegal immigration? I just don’t get it.

Again and again I ask myself what those supporters would do if illegals started setting up tents on their personal property. They want to protect them and give them asylum? Let them stay on their supporters land and their supporters can pay for the food and medicine.

But then that is logical. Nothing about this situation makes any logical sense.

Supporters of illegal immigration are truly enemies of the state.


But that’s the thing. They know the illegals won’t, because the illegals are being bussed to red areas.


I hear ya. No question there is management going on. You just have to pay close attention and not get distracted by all the other news. Most would never notice the local news bias unless they watch the local news daily.

It seems part of their methods is to focus on care for “the children and families”. That’s one of the “DUH!” reasons. Of course people want to make sure kids are safe and healthy. Using that as their war cry is at best juvenile and they know it plays on emotions so they use it to stir up the crowds.

It’s being used as a distraction to take conversation away from the original complaint, which is people entering the country in violation of US immigration laws.

I have no doubt the detentions centers are not as good as they should be. That fact is being used to overshadow the real original question of, “Why are those people in immigration detention centers in the first place?”. They are there because they were arrested for trespassing on US soil.