2019 MEMES (Post 2019 MEMES Here)





Not really a meme but it’s a good photo nonetheless. His knowledge and patriotism makes him so attractive :star_struck: Oh, excuse me. Back to work




Alpha Male Woman of the Year 2018

It’s ma’am. I’ll show you a sir. Outside. Not inside.
Inside, it’s ma’am. Outside, it’s get out of my face.



Np-shemale lulz!!!



Because he said honey smacks I wanted some and now they’re not in the store Alex Jones got honey smacks band!



Don’t know how to make a meme, but I have a good idea. I think? A picture of the the church lady that reads “ border wall could it be racist “.


Somebody do something with this :point_down:




I was flagged, downvote, for turning that picture into a meme a few times:




I plan to dub a scene from that first reboot Muppets movie from a few years ago, that song, Am I a Man, Am I Muppet? The lyrics include, “A Very Manly Muppet…” and also, “A Muppet of a man.” And, “Muppeted man.”

I’d dub it, make a parody, with the words, “Am I a man or am I a woman?” And follow that with, “A very manly woman…” And, “A Beta of a man.” And, “A very Girly Man.” If nobody else beats me to this, I’ll be the first to upload a video like that. Maybe I should have kept this a secret hehe. My Oatmeal Secrets. I know what you did last Oatmeal… I mean Summer… Buffy Summers… nananana… is Buffy a man or a woman? She is a hot woman. My kind of woman. A vampire hunter like Abraham Lincoln haha.




…High School dance video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Congratulations New York!


My first ever memes…??


From Trumps Twitter! MAGA!


Cause Trump Militarily Threaten Him with a Mega Storm. Maybe he needs Military Force Against The DemocRATS?