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@OwenShroyer :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This guy is why you punch bullies in the nose.





don’t insult James Brown !!


my Grandfather grew up during the Great Depression and also fought in WWI, talk about having a HARD LIFE !! He went on to retire as an Engineer with the Southern Pacific Railroad :hearts:



Amen! Amen! Amen!
I definitely agree.

Deserves all the likes on this forum to be honest.


Off topic but pisses feminists off



Who the hell says “this is MAGA country?!” It doesn’t even make any damn sense! We don’t even say that!!! :joy:


Who’s writing this… I feel like I need to help co author this book idea!


They project their own evil on others to justify their behaviors.

They think racism and ‘rope’ automatically, so they manifest it.
They think ‘MAGA country’ so they project it.
You’re right, no Trump supporter says ‘MAGA country’.

MAGA is bigger than America. Few have figured that out yet it seems.


Where are the mods or the dadmin?

We all do, when we live in a sick society that celebrates persecuting and devaluing man, and thus by extension humanity…


That’s a Scary thought


You are so right! They are so pea brained and full of self loathing behavior that they can never understand who we really are. Alex Jones is right on when he says we can learn our enemy better than they learn us. We understand them because we can see through them, unlike them. They are incapable of seeing anything outside themselves. Destruction of their ideals is imminent.


FLOTUS is touching on something bigger.
Why is MAN going to step up and defend a society that is actively persecuting them and seeking their extinction?
Answer: They won’t.

If everyone man, woman and child do not VALUE and defend hu(MAN)ity, humanity will not fight for you. As there will be NOTHING to defend.

If you aren’t aggressive against ANYONE persecuting demographics and denying them presumption of innocence, their agenda to erase western civilization is still progressing.

This means the left’s “female empowerment” is not just toxic, it’s poisoning humanity to it’s extinction.

No more ‘women are always right’.
No more ‘you have to teach men to respect women’
No more ‘men need to step up’
No more merit based on gender mot achievements.

All of it is an assault on your survival.