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It’s An Info War…Speak Up America





That bearded lady could mop the floor with you, with one arm tied behind his back. He is\was Alex’s bodyguard.










Getting the Meme Presses warmed up!!!


catamite sodomite same same! LOL!


This is a still I took from some of the footage we shot today. This lady started crying man cuz we had a “its OK to be white” banner. I felt bad she was crying but, ya know facts don’t care about your feelings!



Just don’t be MEME to me!


Limited to max 3 image post here. See if that is still the case.
Jack suspended me after 10,000 tweets, then when I posted "P*doJoe, Suspended another another account LordElric used to read POTUS Tweets. Speak your mind on a trending topic and Twitter wipes you out
Regardless, Tis a Great Day MAGA


From a single photograph, unretouched, it can be speculated that Trump may also ironically be the reincarnation of the America’s 13th President, Millard Fillmore


Ironically, Fillmore launched his career in the 1820s with the Anti-Masonic Party, spreading a rumor that ruling Freemasons were murdering whistleblowers.

MillardFillmorePresident MillarFillmore