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Can someone fix this meme? A friend of a friend tried to help me to it but it’s unclear and too fast but I still love the idea.

It’s from the movie “Willow”. They are in the battle scene in the castle and Robin Hood and his side kick jump into the catapult buckets and are shot over the castle wall and the cousin pulling the level says “F___ me! He cleared it!”

I want to see Trump and Pence in the bucket seats with the catapult being show as infowars.com and Alex Jones being the one pulling the lever. And the castle being the White House

I guess there are copy rights on the words themselves. Could be redone as a cartoon or whatever. Help please! :thinking:





Intern-on-a-budget came through.



So a real question here… Is it like some kind of taboo subject or against Twitter law to troll @AOC Alexandria Occasio Cortez’s Twitter with the this meme?

because if it’s not… Why doesn’t everyone do it?


@Grandma.BS I slowed it down but I’m not sure exactly what you’re going for. I hope it helps…


Well here’s proof I did it…





Brutal this must have taken some work, well done.




Lol it took about two days to rename everything, and change all the mickey mouse logos to hammer and sickles :rofl: