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I wrote up a flyer, mistakenly confusing my router’s 5Ghz signal with 5G technology. In the interest of accuracy, I have deleted the flier, but will be making another one outlining some of the dangers of 5G technology and encourage everyone to do the same in their local communities. Let’s not get to the point where we wake up one day and find a suitcase sized box on the telephone pole outside our window.

How to prepare for 5G frying us all to death
5G... the good, the bad, the ugly
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I think it is a great idea to put flyers together. Try to keep them short and keep a clip board with a sign up sheet near by, so the friendly’s you come across, can have the chance to join you at a future meeting on how to handle the emergency.

For your reference, you may want to check out the study guides for Ham Radio licenses. They do in fact have general guidelines for “exposure” and at differing frequencies as they pertain to your health! So why would the FCC acknowledge it on one hand and the government turn around on the other to use it against our health? Good luck and share your responses with us please! Here are the pictures of the cover of that guide and one of the pages that deal with “exposure” of high frequency!


I don’t know, should information about how it can cause hallucination, cognitive dissonance, sensual interference, emotional manipulation and the many other brain functions that are affected by modulated alternating frequency’s. That good old Mkultra subsonic tempo, pitch and tone.

Consider sound can shatter glass. 5G can shatter brains.


Hey, yes all that is important too, but the point is to introduce people to the dangers and give them a practical solution to mitigate them. Hopefully it sparks their interest and they’ll be motivated to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.


5Ghz WiFi is not the same as 5G cellular. Very different. 5Ghz WiFi operates between 5170-5835 MHz and is limited by the FCC at 1 watt of power. 5G Cellular (5th generation cellular) operates in two frequency ranges, < 6 GHz and 24–86 GHz. Most current LTE cell towers output between 5-10 watts in urban areas but potentially more in rural areas to cover a greater distance. 5G towers will emit less energy as they will be deployed in greater density.


RF has a pretty steep drop off the further you get away from it, looking at the signal strength of my phone right now it is receiving a signal significantly less than 1/10th of a watt. Your phone transmits back to the tower at a maximum of 1 watt, and is typically using a fraction of that.

Anyway, not to be long-winded but 5GHz ≠ 5G (5th Generation Cellular) and disabling this in your wireless router does nothing but result in lower speeds.

5G "Brass Tacks"

Thanks for that information. Good to know. I actually called my service provider to confirm the info I posted. Goes to show that even tech support doesn’t know much about their own technology. So the fact that our routers use 5Ghz has nothing to do with 5G right now? When I look at the wifi networks that my computer detects, there are two signals for each router, one for the 2.4Ghz and one for the 5Ghz, and every 5Ghz signal is labeled 5G. Is it just that the router is 5G capable but not actually using the 5G network then?


I don’t know if there’s any consumer devices commercially available that support 5G at this time. Your router is not capable of doing anything with 5G cellular.


Thank you for that information. I was turning off my router every night because I was worried it was radiating me. Haha


Except when away, I went to sleep with a wifi router on the other side of a wall next me for a decade, had a lot of nightmares/nightterrors. this was around 2004-2014


Additionally, per the FCC

In the case of exposure of the whole body, a standing ungrounded human adult absorbs RF energy at a maximum rate when the frequency of the RF radiation is in the range of about 70 MHz.

That is much closer to the spectrum of Broadcast FM radio. For example, KVYB in California broadcasts on 103.3 MHz with 105,000 watts of power. That’s 10,500 times more power than your average cellphone tower is putting out and 105,000 times what your WiFi router or cell phone antenna is putting out - and much closer in frequency range to what will cause damage to the human body. Here is just a small list of stations I found that put out over 100,000 watts of power in the FM radio broadcast band:



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My views are not necessarily the views of Infowars, and when participating in discussions here opinions are my own. Diversity of opinion is important and welcome here. I’m not saying there’s not a possibility that these things could be harmful, I’m just trying to correct a few misunderstandings.


I can’t remember if I made this post before or after I started drinking but I try to focus on the facts.


Great article linked to on Drudge tonight:


Exactly and almost nobody cares where I live. I want to leave here so much.


Check out the “5G World Congress”…


Not sure how this Electrosmog meter works?


Locate a cell tower near you.


Are you sure it wasn’t bcs who, was occupying the white house at that time?


You have a point, furthermore I had nightmares fairly commonly until around 2017.