A Call For Civility


I’m not going to name names, but I have noticed some users of this forum being aggressive towards each other in their posts. As a reminder, this platform is a place for us to organize activism and discuss topics with each other. And there has been a LOT of great discussion, with over 100k page views since the site launched. We’re thrilled that you are enjoying this site, but what would make it even better is if we were all a bit nicer to each other. We all share a common goal and that is to promote freedom, liberty, and Americanism. Some here might have different views on how we achieve that, and that’s okay.

Please stop the infighting and help make this community a better place. We want this to be a place for open discussion but will not allow harassment of other community members.

Thank you all,
Michael Zimmermann

Oatmeal... joey arnold


Ill do better man. Im sorry.


Thank you @zimmermann you worded it much better than I could. I did have to say something though. Meanwhile I’m in the middle of planning a banner hang in the 3D world with @Texas_T & possible others from a bridge located in Houston. It’s not set in stone yet but that’s WHY I’m here using this forum. Cheers fellow Info Warriors


The 59 underpass arch bridges by the museum district would be perfect for this :slight_smile:

I used to work right by there.



Yeah like the Montrose bridge goes right over 59 by where you mentioned. There’s like five lanes of freeway on each side to. See now I’m getting excited. :us::us:


Location… Location… Location… #URBANARTWARFARE#GETSOME


I expected there to be flare ups on here lol and I’m sure there will be more. Infowarriors are passionate folk. We’re all big boys and girls here. :us:


I do hope I am not falling into that category by your ideologies. My intent is always good but hey, everyone has their own opinion right. I have noticed that I am no longer receiving email notifications from posts, so I must assume that censorship is alive and well unfortunately. I say some pretty bizarre things at times but they are absolutely true from a Biblical perspective. I suppose the truth, the real undeniable truth, is frightening to many people who have never heard the truth before in their entire life as a countryman. The ultimate goal is to love each other AS we love ourselves. Certainly, if we do not our self them we do not know how to love any other.


Hi. I am trying to post a new topic but keep getting internal server error. What’s up? I can post replies on topics but not able to create one. Is this some form of censorship by you guys or an external problem?


There are so many good bridges for it here in houston for I think the only real option is to give um all a try and find out the best one :slight_smile:


@zimmermann i too cannot post a topic


Sorry, about that @zimmermann. Got a bit carried away. Won’t go there in the future my friend. You’re right the purpose of this forum/message board is to formulate friendships and organize events in the REAL world.

Thanks for bringing this up!



VERY interesting…I’ve downloaded the PDF so far and am going to download the video. If it’s ok, I may upload it to my brighteon.com channel and PERHAPS my YouTube Channel too.

Once I’ve watched it [AND Vetted it] I MAY share the where I’m still allowed and have some friends post it to #FacistBook simce I’m still serving another 25 days in #FacebookJail


Im Tracking the same issue now what did you do to resolve issue @ThaDreamReamer @zimmermann
tracks Internal Server Error


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Still cannot post a topic


Hmm, we did update the server earlier today, maybe try logging out and back in to renew your session? I’ll look into it more in the morning.


Tried it. Didn’t work