A Call For Civility


From the looks of it you aren’t exceeding any of these limits

I’ll try and get to the bottom of this ASAP


The Yonk strikes! 02:40ish for the shot placement


@Texas_T this is where Zimmermann was suggesting & looks like at perfect spot. Montrose district to. Could be triggering.


I’d suggest doing the Hazard street bridge for sign holding, it’s a single bridge and a lot lower traffic. Also will be easier to find parking nearby. You’ll still be seen by just as many people on 59 as it’s in the same section of freeway too just a little bit up the road. Probably less likely to get messed with or shut down as well.


I logged out and logged back in and still got the internal error thing too :thinking::pensive:


Yeah your right about getting shut down. Plus the standing area on the Montrose bridge looks small I could imagine a cop running us off for safety reasons if nothing else. I’ll look up the hazard st bridge.


Great info @zimmermann !

If you can find the time, it would be great if you organized something on here. KS can mobilize and get boots on the ground. Im sure many more would follow your lead.


@DistractedMasses @zimmermann I’m here in the Austin area…I’m game for doing 3D World #RedPilling. I’ve been a bit busy myself to get something organized sadly…I got get my old butt in gear and step it up a bit!

I wanna see more people call for the meme above!!! #MilitaryTribunalsComing Fireman Prophet #MarkTaylor foretold this in around 2011 if memory serves me right.


Other thing about the hazzard st bridge is it does have those over head signs blocking us but from one side and its not colmpletely. Thats one thing about this bridge stuff is they put those things right next to are not that far from the bridges. I think its intentional two to stop these kind of things… or maybe its logistically easier to construct things that way idk. Think about that dallas st. tho durring rushour its endless traffic in that one video i was there after traffic started dying down. Also there is pay parking lots on both sides of that bridge like litteraly the moment that bridge ends on either sides your at a pay parking lot 30-60 secs to your car.

All those were potentials i was looking at i went out and physcally scouted them too, the google images are up to date for practical purposes foe everything but the ones in the “zoo” area there ignore my markers foe there was one bridge down there when i went to look but i cant recall the name. PS it doesnt matter how we do this the police are going to come harass us that hate this shit. you can tell by the way they have moddified some of bridge fences disdcourge people feom doing this. those bridges by the toyota center gray st bridge for example it doesnt show it .on google maps but they all have this gay liberal artsy ahit blocking the fences. Maybe that was to be gay and liberal but i think they may have want to stop this sort of thing… altho i guess that too would be gay and liberal. We are not doing anything illegal we have a 1st ammendment but they will try and insist other wise its our job to hold strong legally and lawfully peacefully.


Another idea for you, the roundabout at Mecom Fountain in the Herman Park area. Lots of cars driving by there. Wherever you do it be sure to get lots of photos and video (please shoot horizontal! :joy:) and we’ll be sure to include it on the site under examples of activism.


Well said! This is a common place, everyone on here should be a fan of the war Room,since that’s where it started, so right off the bat we all have something in common! We may have different views or opinions, and civil debate should always be welcomed, but infighting does nothing to help anyone on this platform. It’s designed to be used as a tool to spread the word, connect, and learn from fellow info warriors!


Same error when trying to message folk as well


This is the last place you wanna act like an asshole towards each other. Tighten up.


Valid points all around. Let them come and harass us, we’ll stand our ground & capture it all on video. That round about fountain Zimmerman mentioned is another great idea it’s perfect for what were trying to pull off. This will be my first time other than the Trump rally bit I did when secret service jump my ass three times for flying the Infowars shirt. Where ever we decide to go I’ll document every bit to post here. Horizontal to lol I know Rob Dew is anal about to that I’ve watched him mention it several times.


@npc this was his responce but i dont think it applied


I don’t know man, I will try and log out and everything but you probably already did all that and still cannot post…Thanks for the info though


@zimmermann any eta on when the posting new topic error will be fixed?


I think we should practice typing things as calm as possible, because I noticed that spontaneous comments (especially with swearing) causes misunderstandings most of the time.


@D_of_Infowars I completely agree, it’s impossible to read emotion through a text no matter what emoji’s are used. Most of the time it’s probably misunderstanding someone’s emotion through there post.


@zimmermann Roger that on all counts Michael! WE are an Army of ONE that should stand constantly united that we remain strong as opposed to division giving way to weakness! If we are to eventually prevail in this war, effective leadership, unity, good fighting strategies and teamwork are key! God bless you and all fellow InfoWarriors and my best to @OwenShroyer and Alex and crew!:+1: