A Call For Civility


Thats why it would be cool to have an offical voice chat for IWA. Altho The more i use this text is better overall I think cause people can comunicate without being online at the same time.


Same here been trying to post since last night. I’m sure the establishment is trying to take us down. Thanks @zimmermann for the communication on the issue


some people are sensitive - ok?


Hi, i am trying to create a new topic and when i am done typing it up and ready to post it and click on “create new topic” i get a pop up that says “internal server error.” I tried like 10 times. First time this has happened and i am active here on the forum. I tried to send you a message directly but even that will not work and got the same error


Getting the same internal server error, using anodroid os and a onelpus 6T. If that helps at all. Started sunday/Monday.


I’m experiencing the same issues and I’m a new user.


Everyone with “internal server error” for PM and Topics Tag @zimmermann together! i cannot post also


I sent them an email and notified of the situation. Waiting for response.


Guys calm down. @zimmermann has known for 2 days. Let the man work on the situation.


Just trying to provide as much data as possible, not sure if its an os issue or other.


I’m seeing some very weird and odd things going on. Possible hack or attack? Keep an eye out. Take screen shots. Report anything suspicious to a mod or via email.


Nah it’s most likely just an issue with Discourse. Doing some troubleshooting now. Server security is solid.


Ok good. Thanks for the update and for replying back to me! Have a great day today!


It’s also possible there are hired SHILLS in here the same as I see on YouTube and the InfoWars comments section. Take the insults with a grain of salt because it could be a InfoWarrior Poser just trying to divide us.


I am trying to SHARE General Shepherds YT Channel on my Twitter.
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Thank god for shep and Ron gibson


How did you get my Email? I got a Notification EMAIL TO REPLY TO this TOPIC Not a REPLY TO A PERSON. Please explain. thanks. WHO sent the Email?


When someone replies to your post you get an email as well by default. I think you can change it in settings


Did you Reply by referring me to Topic?


I simply hit the reply button on your post lol