A Florida couple was denied custody of their 4-year-old son for stopping chemo

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The statistics on recovering with and without pharmaceutical Complex treatment of choice aren’t even validated in fashion to satisfy my contention towards bureaucratic forcefully administering a specific type of treatment.

The punchline against these government authorized treatment verses alternative off mainstream choices is

#1 "They don’t guaranty you’ll come out alive from any of their procedures.

#2 Fact they won’t perform treatment without signing wavers releasing Pharmaceutical companies, Doctors and Hospital staff, etcetera, etcetera from liability.

Should shout lack of confidence.


And that is a scam all it’s own because those waivers don’t actually mean they cannot be held liable. The lawyers just toss those out for the ignorant. Helps to keep lawsuits to a minimum.

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Hey, lab rats belong to the lab, not with parents or family, silly rabbits… don’t be so racist! :slight_smile:

How the fuck do we tolerate?


Enough amounts of money can achieve more than simply reporting the offenses to a government agencies. Certainly doesn’t eliminate the evidence of their very experimental practices upon citizens which claims of changing survival ratios of population.
Legitimate information about survival rates outside of authorized modern treatment aren’t easily obtainable.

Recently read about one on polio vaccine verses non vaccinated survival rates.
Then research on my own finding that similar to chicken pox virus, children survival rates are high and adults never having childhood case of chicken pox are very prone to fatal events of contacting disease.
Same characteristics are with polio.

Personal knowledge of grandparent did have childhood polio, mildly effected his growth patterns.
Not only that his parents and siblings having no modern treatment never had contacted such illnesses due to close proximity of himself living with them.

Many of modern citizenry are descendants of survival rates odds breakers ancestry.
Sleeping within the narrative of safety sung by corporate interests.

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