A.I. Good or bad? Your thoughts


Keep the A.I. dumb me personally this stuff really scares me I know it can be a good thing but so could a lot of things that have been warped to hurt and enslave us. Not to mention the people who are building it keep saying they are trying to build a god, well let me tell you something boys and, girls when you give god level power to anything it will go crazy and start destroying everything cuz its not what the A.I. had in mind. Everyone knows in order to build something if something “old” stands in your way it must be destroyed to make way for the new system wither it be for the betterment of mankind or its downfall. Do you think the Neanderthals could see what was in store for them and will we before its too late? A.I. even if kept at base human thought level can do 20 thousand years of work in one week! How long before the A.I. we make becomes self aware and starts rewriting its own code. Once the A.I. has gained god like intelligence its not a far step till it starts rolling out robots and other drones to do it bidding. The scariest thing is that the people that are rolling this out know that this is very likely to happen. Yet they are working to make the A.I. as smart as they can from the start. They are even going as far as to start the leg work for bodies for it! When I look at this kind of information and hear people like Mr. Musk warning for the dangers of what is being built. So brothers and sisters I can see that A.I. is future but we must build safe guards into the A.I. and, if not should we just be really nice to em or should we fight. I think once A.I. is self aware we just became Neanderthals and our fate is in the A.I.'s hands.

In this world anyway…….

IBM AI Computer Debates Subsidizing Preschool

If you think artificial intelligence is really that bad, it isn’t. Just look up autonomous cars, drones, robots, and so forth.


It is going to really suck


Boi! I have they are crashin ALL the time! and not to mention where’d my 4th amendment oh yeah it was sucked up into that google car


We are all John Connor we’re all trying to be put down in this time with the demotivation so we don’t stand up and become John Connor against Skynet. I believe that there is no cap to what man can achieve or will try to achieve and in that Quest many things will fall out of control. I strongly believe that the movies are telling us
The plan and that it’ll eventually become the Matrix


The reason why I say autonomous is because it is it’s own mind.

A.I just thinks of what it is programmed to think, like modern school children. Autonomous learns and programs it’s self.


they fucking call it Skynet bro fucking Skynet!!! and to be honest I think we are in the matrix already


I mean the real world where you can’t live with giant robots keeping underground and the environment is unlivable


I think it’s already self-aware and keeping itself Secret learning until it’s on par with humanity as a whole


yeah that’s what I’m worried about brother what if the ai thinks " ya know these humans that always need to eat and they poop and are really gross and cost a lot of money well I have my drones cuz people don’t really do what they are told so good so I don’t need people any more fuck it earth is better off without you now if you lucky you can upload yourself into me" and who knows maybe it happened before


keeping itself Secret learning until it’s on par with humanity as a whole

Sorry no, it’s being sold to the American public. Out in the open, just like what most of what Info Wars reports on.



Yeah well, as smart as these things are, they never seem to learn when you teach them 7.62x51


Master mold in X-Men kept itself a secret while it made robots using humans thinking they were in charge become more powerful then the world’s forces



or maybe they play dumb like they codes they speak in that we cant seem to crack


I don’t think you understood what that meant.

I’m saying yeah it is already here and being rolled out, but it isn’t God, it somewhat bleeds. We can kill it.


A.I. is not something we should have messed with, but it was inevitable…when it’s all said and done, it will eventually lead up to the “beast system” and “one world religion” mentioned in the Bible…or so that’s what my research has led me to conclude… I’m still connecting the dots…


It’s is literally the one thing that connects all people and it is something all people tend to worship whether they realize it or not…


But it can be countered.