A.I. Good or bad? Your thoughts


It does not matter how fast the computer is, how much memory it has, or how complex and high-level the programming language. The Jeopardy and Chess playing champs Watson and Deep Blue fundamentally work the same as your microwave. Put simply, a strict symbol-processing machine can never be a symbol-understanding machine. The influential philosopher John Searle has cleverly depicted this fact by analogy in his famous and highly controversial “Chinese Room Argument”, which has been convincing minds that “syntax is not sufficient for semantics” since it was published in 1980. And although some esoteric rebuttals have been put forth (the most common being the “Systems Reply”), none successfully bridge the gap between syntax and semantics. But even if one is not fully convinced based on the Chinese Room Argument alone, it does not change the fact that Turing machines are symbol manipulating machines and not thinking machines, a position taken by the great physicist Richard Feynman over a decade earlier.


It also has an all seeing eye and it’s the closest thing to being omnipotent and omniscient


Unfortunately… No it cannot…and if you think so… Then you are not paying attention…it will take over…and then ultimately destroyed but not by us…


What’s wrong with an EMP?


The introduction to Cybertron


Check your source… I promise you they are already finding the ways to counter everything…and alot of misnomers are thrown out there to keep you distracted…


And nobody thinks about the one guy for the 10 guys who want to make the self aware AI


And how so the only way I could think of is a emp world wide but have fun with that mankind can not handle that now days we would literally end up eating one another and even if we did that its not a sure thing we have stuff in space that is connected to the internet all it has to do is upload itself to that and boom all it has to do is play the waiting game. Until we eat each other.


Look into transhumanism and biotech…trust me I’ve done a huge amount of research…more than I wish I had… :unamused:


so the only way I could think of is a emp world wide

emp world wide

world wide

You know what an EMP is?


Avengers Age of Ultron Ultron was made to be a peacekeeping robot the guardian of the planet and he decided on his own that we were inferior and the only way to keep peace was to kill us all


Fortunately, military equipment is designed to be immune to various levels of EMP, and the validity of its designs— and some civilian designs as well—have been tested and improved by a “friendly” EMP generator installed in a recently renovated facility at Sandia National Laboratories.


Blow all this shit up now!


If you think you know…YOU REALLY DONT!!..TRUST ME!!! I know way too much…they will counter every idea we have because they are smarter and have way more resources…THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING…I am the smartest person I know … And I’m not even close to what I’ve researched… The good guys in research warn us… The bad guys throw us bones to divert us…while they laugh!!! Geez…


well most of us can not live without the modern world’s perks 90% of us live in cities and have little to no outdoors knowledge so most of us will die due to lack of food and those who live will eat the ones who are the weakest and pillage the 10% that did have outdoor knowledge that’s the sad simple truth brother emp is bad for everyone


Why would you EMP yourself?


In I Robot the AI went rogue and decided the only way to keep you safe was keep you on house arrest


If it doesn’t work satchel charges could.


Again I repeat: