A.I. Good or bad? Your thoughts


That is the basis for all AI movies/entertainment drama actually…



That’s not an argument that’s just speculation.


They would kill you before you ever made it to the center of the"hive"…
Good guys don’t win in reality…this is not a sci-fi movie…


Then if built I’m sure the ai will take control of these weapon systems and hold us hostage


Your ignorance is not really my concern… honestly…why don’t we wait and see… better yet why don’t you employ one of these genius ideas and let me know how that works out for you…


to purge the A.I. lol


Do you propose a better solution than waiting for hindsight?


I already know there’s not one… I hold to a higher standard than what is here because I know this will ultimately be destroyed in a final battle…and not by us…but by God…so all arguments excluding Him and Christ are invalid to me…


The only reason I participate in these debates is to offer the trail of knowledge…if you pick it up… bravo you might make it to eternity…if you want to argue…then…well that’s just sad…:pensive:


Do you think your trail of knowledge should go unquestioned?


No …by all means question it…I ask you to trust me but also you should do your own research…and never stop…knowledge is never ending…


I take that back, we COULD have TECHNOLOGY…if we didn’t have “Evil people” controlling it, setting parameters of it’s limitations, causing death from not shielding the population from the said TECHNOLOGIES “by-products” that are HARMFUL to the population.


Unfortunately evil seeks dominance and control…and thus we have war…




You’re not wrong…but I disagree in one thing… people’s priorities are what ultimately set the stage and when you make wealth and success more important than, well anything else… That’s where problems ensue… How we count wealth and success makes a huge difference!! It also separates the basically good, from the inherently evil…


I think what frightens people is that those other people feeding the input of what is “AI” to the AI are Godless freaks. Or that we have a class of deranged lunatic scientists who are like the next dispensation of Hitlers scientists, creating this powerful tool without the essence of purity from humanity which they happen to be devoid of.

AI could be very good but this ‘fully automated universe’ is partially the manifestation of peoples laziness… A state where virtue flounders and commodity is a status symbol.

It will fall on us, it needs in my opinion to be reapproached after a tech Renaissance where tech is no longer more than a wrench or a socket set (you aren’t sold a new wrench every year, you get what you pay for and its done) I don’t believe we have the right mindset about the function of our technology. We still resemble rats too much. Credit to those who are above it.


“Wealth and success” would be of no consequence… if everyone had the same motivation and net positive output within the civilization.


Well actually the ones feeding the AI tech are not without a “god”…they serve a master whether they admit it or not…and it is everything opposite of what the true God stands for…


Leftism is parasitism, parasitism is sloth, and if we did not walk away from religion, sloth would be SINFUL.