A.I. Good or bad? Your thoughts


I think you know what I am trying to say.


Even ā€œatheistsā€ serve the god of ā€œselfā€ which is the god of pride which ultimately leads back to Luciferā€¦he was the originator of prideā€¦


good luck brother these people are too entrench the only way we get our tech back is to fund new sources of tech maybe musk but who knows u put too much power in any one man or companyā€™s hands


You guys definitely got itā€¦we may all have different words and different ways of presenting ideas but I tend to see who is on which sideā€¦:wink:

Just as long as we remember we are all on the same side and each brings valuable input to the tableā€¦we can stand strongā€¦but also remember there is an end-gameā€¦follow the leaders of truth, love, compassion, strength, and justiceā€¦the freedom fightersā€¦ question one another but also LISTEN to one anotherā€¦back each other upā€¦and if thereā€™s doubt, seek out the root of it without destroying the integrityā€¦


All of our PROBLEMS of todayā€¦stem from our arroganceā€¦our disbelief in our elders who created our civilization, cultures, and moresā€¦the fact that every generation believes they are better than the one beforeā€¦I am going BACK and re-exploring and trying to reverse engineer where we went wrongā€¦all I come to findā€¦is that I would meet harsh resistance trying to RED PILL peopleā€¦they have to have that out of body experience for themselvesā€¦and they have to want the answers for them selvesā€¦some people have been given a pass for so long, their minds are not conditioned to seeking answers, they just follow everyone else and hope for the bestā€¦no net positivesā€¦no contributions.


We just really need to have society coming back to being adamant about punishing evil!


I flip the GM PLANT off everyday which builds the Autonomous cars
ā€¦ . as I speed by in The Monte Carlos


Are we fighting against technology, AI, etc, or against, tyranny, centralization, monopolism, technocracy, remote control, Rothschild, Soros, embedded China chips, etc?


Bingo. The issue is not technology itself, but rather how it is used. As of now, itā€™s a tool. In the near future, it could become sentient. Like any sort of occurring thing in our lives, though, it is a two-way street. It can be used for bad, but it can also be used for good, and to counter bad.



Everything Alex talks about getting rolled out and framed as fiction in front of you. Every movie is telling you something I intend on looking every time I watch a movie but this one is right smack smacking you harden the face actually uploading your mind into a robot.




A.I. = the end of U and I.


I guess he did. He has toā€¦ Skynet in China and all.

ā€˜Green New Dealā€™ more likeā€¦ ā€˜Everyone Hurry Up and Die Dealā€™

We are so poor yet we donā€™t even know it yet. Derivatives debt!!! Nice he just talked about thatā€¦ 12:00. We are over $200 Trillion in Derivatives debt. Thatā€™s a crazy amount of money and the end of us as we know it.


Not goodā€¦Very BADā€¦

A Contribution To Our Community For Consideration Realistically

Yeahā€¦ A.I. is gay and Liberal kinda like @Bingozee and @Paladin


Watching that about the Implant ā€¦ all I can think of is this movie for anyone who gets the chip but not the brain implant.

I donā€™t want the chip nor the implant. Iā€™m happy being as dumb as I am. Iā€™ll go live in the ruins rather the planned cites of doom. Enjoy the times we are living in nowā€¦ things are going to change.


Exactly enjoy the small peace we have cause chaos is coming!!


Yeah and mostly because @Bingozee and @Paladin are gay liberal BUTT BUDDIES