A.I. Good or bad? Your thoughts


@hxtr I give up fighting the infighting… Screw it… This forum is gonna suck either way as long as they are here… Might as well team up since they are… Us against them instigators hahaha… No but really it’s a slow night with the rally going on in the news… Keeping an eye on it tho…


This forum sucks as long as religious lunatics like you are here.


Awww are we back to that again @Paladin that’s old news… Keep up … Hahahahah next


Know what my favorite veggie is? Onions. I love onions. Onions can make you cry, did you know that?


I need a link… to the rally that is.

Yea… we all get board and want blood once and a while. I was too busy today to enjoy most of the infighting. I’m wanting cookies though. I think I need to go on cookie run.


Im waiting
“next few months”
get out of here man


I sure do love me some onions.




Speech is in 2 hrs… They are doing replays for now


Ignore him… he’s full of goat dung. He plays mind games and that’s all he has… games. Not a thing this guy can do accept maybe put a dingy up his butt.


Dude there both clearly RETARDED and have the IQ of a popcorn fart, hence they being so intimidated… Why bother, friendly advice, their nothing and not worthy of the energy to press a key.

Topic is A.I… lets see who can be the Stronger… Good luck if you continue to play with the mutton, it’s stinks already…Food for the Dogs brother… for the dogs.



“next few months”
20 characters


nice… a speech rewind before the speech.


*Enters boyfriend


Are you sure about that? You really shouldn’t underestimate the imagination and diligence of someone dead set on destroying you. It’s a shame really. We keep speaking about the left being the enemy, but the only enemy here is on the so-called right. Either way, an enemy is an enemy and will be dealt with accordingly.



So if @Paladin is A.I.? what kind of CPU do you think it has?


D-Wave 2000 qbit quantum.


Bring it on Bitch… bring it. I can’t wait. Thing is… I will be waiting for nothing. No go fuck a goat and enjoy the rest of the middle east.


@hxtr your comebacks are so fucking old, stale and boring, like you, you sorry fucking incel. Challenge accepted, btw.


I don’t know Paladin… once you go goat… it’s hard to come back from that.