A.I. Good or bad? Your thoughts


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I am reminded of what Steven Hawking said before he died and I quote>
The single biggest threat to the continued existence of mankind is AI. <end Quote
This man was one of the great scientific minds of our generation. I didn’t agree with his politics but he wouldn’t have said that for NO REASON.
I do consider it a threat and I have seen the military prototypes as I am sure a lot of other people have and to be honest,This scares the hell out of me. Their also heavily armored so yo’re going to have to have something bigger than 7.62 x 51 to bring one down in my opinion.
And bear in mind,They have No Soul, They Feel No Pain and They Will Have No Mercy!


Relates to A.I… Peoples ARTIFICIAL intelligence and the Bullshit it brings to this community and this thread, I am stating this as an Observation, that is not only of this thread but the MANY, This is also not about JUDGMENT but Behavior seeing we are Speaking of “Intelligence”.

the only Responds to Truth from the Hypocrite, Liar, Thief, Plagiarizer, Troll, and other Fanatic and their fanaticism are foremost and prominently First Denial, then Deflection, These are people whom can not be HELPED because they are the Unwilling, They are GOVERNED by the EGO, Not Rational, Logical Mind able to acknowledge, comprehend or in most cases conceive its own works, Rather it is Stimulating, where the individual suffering this illness may find things entertaining or amusing while being self deprecating, Manifest by the action of the subliminal subconscious mind that is typically Uncontrollable with out a sort of intervention or treatment.

These Individuals PROJECT the manifestation and Truths of these illnesses in their Every day life Unknowingly and most often unintentionally, as it often seems to them an instinct or Natural, It’s their “Personality”.

I have talked with many addicts and people suffering mental illnesses however none worse then narcissism and the evil mind of the Ego and the egotistical, or in Lyman terms, THE Fanatic.

I Say this because The EVIDENCE of this and whom these Traits apply are apparent and discoverable by Reading the POST in Threads. I often say the Truth is on the WALL for those whom are WILLING.

Beyond this, I can only Speak for myself in Saying I am forgiving, unforgetting, lenient, patient, kind but also STRICT, I mean what I say, so I do not Appreciate people contributing NOTHING while complaining that others have or are capable.

For the People whom have badgered me or other members of this community, I ask, I challenge, Can you contribute much as the FEW others have, If not then we must consider Anything beyond that the Word of the Hypocrite, Liar, Thief, Plagiarizer, Troll, and other Fanatic and there fanaticism.

A waste and Shame…I have nothing more to add to this conversation, I digress, continue as you are…

Me Against The World
Deep Thoughts From Stars Apart
Artificial Intelligence

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Case in Point…Like Clock work



Relates TO. we should consider A.I a question of responsibility…

It’s Man’s Need for A.I to attempt to simulate and assimilate our consciousness because MAN has not of his own, We can not know a thing as WHOLE of the thing while only willing to accept HALF or whatever pleasures us most, first or Next for we are left wanting, unaware and unknowing, MAN and his mentality, his Vengeful, Angry, Hateful, war and army for ENVY unto Humanity, our Humanism and the FREEDOMS only FACILITATED by our Humaneness for these are The Blessed and Holy (whole) thing (Humanity), The end of Impossibility by a Global unification and ABANDONMENT OF THE ARTIFICIAL.

These Technologies are not NEW, they are for the SAKE of supporting a record of LIFE, Humanity as a FACT, however when a COPY by MAN, a blessed thing becomes TOXIC by the MAN, and HIS Mentality, Humans Dignity mimicked as Pride by MAN.

YES these Technologies are Useful, they Can be worked in an endless number of ways to benefit the HUMAN, Humanity and all other things, HOWEVER we can not have RECOVERY without First establishing HONESTY with our Selves above and BEFORE all other things, The EGO is Evil, as it bites that Hand that offers salvation, the HAND of HUMANITY not some fantasy or wannabe Dream, Hence this shit perpetuate unto depredation, instability and collapse of the Artificiality, Mentality a destructive thing, MAN the sacrificial thing Unknowing… It’s these things that Hurt me so I say YES A.I at the HAND of MAN is DEVASTATING!


I ask, Are you Man or Human? Consider to ANSWER this QUESTION HONESTLY, Requires HONESTY or we are LYING to ourselves and EACH OTHER.

A point of View and EXPLANATION of what I Say, YES a VERY bad THING, as is 5G!. Consider this a stimulant to the psychopathic tendencies and neurochemistry resulting with People doing things EVEN unknowingly, or UNINTENTIONALLY in many cases also UNCONTROLLABLY.

Reality. The REAL RED PILL nearly impossible to swallow let alone take Also equally BITTER SWEET!

Is there a way to counter 5G?
Artificial Intelligence

Another thread ruined by in-fighting… terrific…



A.I. is not the product. We are the product. Are people good or bad is a better question.