A.I. Good or bad? Your thoughts


I’m anti-AI. Anti-robot too. I imagine myself in the future seeing one of those automated Amazon delivery bots and running out to kick it over. “Fuck you! Human First!”

That’s because I’ve done computer programming and I know how much of a threat AI could pose. Just look at an aimbot in a computer game. Imagine a physical bot with that (easy) capability. Hollywood films always downplay the advantage of AI/robots when they’re the “bad guys”. In reality, if a robot with the mechanics to support the software driving it were to shoot at you, you’d be dead. It would never miss. It can calculate your own personal trajectory against the distance against its own motion in a literal millisecond.

I think a lot of these scientists pushing AI are out of their minds. In interviews and TED talks they’re literally “like AI can’t be stopped and we will become their inferiors and it’s a beautiful things”. We might need a new government agency to deal with “mad scientism”.


I’m for AI but the problem is the devil gets a hold of it and turns it for bad. I think AI will replace the military on foot and in the air.
Maybe put a few of them robots on the border.