A Tribute to John Paul Jones

  1. After reading that Our President Trump was told that there were government wire taps in Trump Tower by a Navy intelligence person, I have decided to make a tribute to John Paul Jones, an important figure in American Naval History. (this was posted prior to losing the Infocomms server) Alex has spoken about this American Icon and I thank him for what he is doing for America.
    1.1 Jones is credited for saying “I have not yet begun to fight” in the face of the enemy, the British, in a battle at sea. On another battle, Jones personally ran through a pirate with his sword on an attempt to board his ship.

  2. Here is a picture of the Sea Gate at the Naval Academy. The three towers are submarine communication antennas. It is on the Severn River at the US Naval Academy. George Webb on You Tube is doing an expose on the Uranium and arms traffic being run from a logistics firm in Annapolis.

  1. Here is the crypt of John Paul Jones. He started on ships when he was a boy, shortly became a captain, and then came over the United States. He served in the early US Navy. I asked a worker at the Naval Academy if I could photograph this and I was given permission.

  1. Here is an artist’s depiction of Jones in battle.


  1. Here is the history of the life of John Paul Jones.

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