Abortion-Giving The Facts To Help the Brainwashed


I have spent many years trying to help young women to learn the facts before they make a decision that could change their lives forever. This clip was on Infowars the other day, and I have used it many times to wake up the poor girls that have been brainwashed with the wrong information.

Last week, I managed to talk 3 young women into rethinking what they were about to do because they had no clue how the procedure was done or the fact that they were actually carrying a “baby”. Two opted to carry their babies and then put the child up for adoption, the third was so horrified, she opted to keep her baby, in fear that if they keep this up, our planet would die.

Whatever their beliefs are, most have no clue how horrifying things are done, nor, do they believe they have a real baby until that baby is born. Brainwashing has taken over so many.

Since this was testimony from a real Dr., and not just my words or opinion, it has helped get the message across much easier. Sad to say, this tape rips at my very core, but the message must be told. As many videos are out there, most will say they are doctored. They can not deny this video, no matter how hard they try. :pensive:

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