Activist - Day of Mourning - Saturday - 23rd of February, 2019


Day of Mourning:

Join us! Across the nation! February 23rd!

    # DayOfMourning

About Activist Mommy:

She was on the Alex Jones Show:

During the third hour of the Alex Jones Show, today, Thursday, 2019-02-07, at about ten minutes in, after Bennett & Millie Weaver, Activist Mommy began talking about the National Day of Mourning which will be on Saturday, the 23rd of February of 2019.

You can learn more about her:

Her website -
Her Twitter - @activist_mommy


Details on the Day of Mourning:
According to her Twitter:

Join us! Across the nation! February 23rd! 1. WEAR BLACK 2. DON’T SHOP 3. CLOSE YOUR BUSINESSES 4. REPENT FOR ABORTION # DayOfMourning


Call To Arms For The #DayOfMourning in Albany, NY on February 23rd!
New York Infowarriors From All New York Regions

I will mark my calandar. Thank you Joey.


Thats sounds gay, We should all go protest planed parent hood or something that day, not mope around our houses feeling sorry for our self’s


Any resistance can be good resistance if implanted properly. And, not everyone is going to participate in the same capacity. Younger people tend to have enough energy for 5 people to be active.

If we got folks with a human soul to get on board for humanity and babies, and seriously saw the impact of not shopping, or selling for one day is, you might (or not) think differently.


The thought does count, Still sounds kinda gay, Unless it gets on the news, Shop owners will think oh well kinda a slow day i guess need to get some inventory done anyways, And maybe a few really on point wall street annalist might see the trend in sales, find out its a one day thing and proceed to not care. Hence its kinda GAY. now if this became something that where to go on for awhile MAYBE… But fuck all this GAY shit people need to take to the streets and occupy every fucking planed parent hood in the country, Its really not asking much.


Rome isn’t built in a day. YOu don’t go from full stop to full smooth running over night. it takes time. And you really do NOT understand (probably from youth) what effect this would have if implemented correctly. This would have severe repercussion on several levels.

Calling things GAY, is GAY. Feelings over reason leads to extinction.

Let me spell it out more directly because saying it nicely last time wasnt enough.

Younger people are more healthy and able to spend plenty of free wasted time calling things GAY, that older people have to spend taking care of their health. AND they have more responsibilities. You have GREAT motivation, and energy, and that can be VERY VALUABLE, but you are not justified to speak for others not in your shoes. With all due respect.


OOOOHHHHHH everyone where blackkkkk… DONT go shopping… that would SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO horrible, such Penance for our sins, sit around and talk about our feelings… yeah that will show them

dude come the fuck on… grow some balls, you cant tell me that, that isnt some GAY ASS leftest shit


They will have a protest that day, Saturday, Feb, 23rd, 2019, in Albany, New York.

New York Infowarriors From All New York Regions

I have balls. Only listening to your feelings IS being a wimp.


Has nothing to do with age, I have seen plenty of older people at rallies, with more fight in them then half the country combined, TRUMP IS 70 fucking years old and goes hard EVERY DAY dont give me that shit. IF you have time to close your business and sit around at home you can go raise hell at planed parenthood


Only listening to your feelings IS being a wimp. You will NEVER have authority to speak for others. you’re talking more than walking.

I’m not interested in holding someone’s hand that’s interested in commanding with feelings and refusing to listen.

Maybe you should get married for that?


Thats rich coming from you, BItch I speak for no one but myself and anyone that strives to "speak for others is on the wrong path, if thats what your after… man… Now I got better things to do than bicker with your bitch ass so tah tah for now


are you still trying to bully with feelings?

how’s that working out for you? Would Alexander the Great be impressed?
You think you’re the first person to spit petulant expletives online? I’m trying to not make you look like that by leading by example.

This is called reason. try it sometime. This is a forum, not your personal bully pit.




I count no less than 4 expletives, without any effort made to ask before presume.
I’m trying to reason. Why do I get NO credit for that?


That was not directed at you @TheIsz… it’s a general kind of question… People are just getting antsy now… I’m seeing everyone hitting on the negativity train lately… Not just here on the forum… Everywhere!!!


Use flags… I’m out of flags, I’ve been flagging all day lol… Don’t argue with people… Obviously if they make a sideways comment, they got issues they need to work out and arguing is a side effect… Just flag and move on…



I know, you’re awesome that way. I was indicating actually the necessity to encourage rational discussion. Perhaps that time was NOT the best time (despite my effort to teach for the benefit of others more than myself), but the need is paramount. Reason should be the foundation. We should preach that yea?

I’m seeing it too, I think I know exactly why, it’s because of the power shifting up at the top. it’s a quickening of sorts, and the waves of impact are rolling down the caste system. Hence why I did what I did.

I was NOT antagonizing, I was deflecting until I just started getting bullied. and even then I did not react, I taught. Perhaps it was the wrong decision, but I chose it as best for the greater good.

This isn’t a time to use flags. I think from experience the over use of flags might be too problematic. I don’t think it’s for every ill, just the ones where there isn’t a solution. Just from my years experiences being in a moderator team system. Notice how it did resolve without them? And we’re talking now? Much better.

Also speaking of talking, I might have some questions or comments for you sometime if interested. (or not)



Listen this abortion issue CAN very easily become toxic for us, it is NOT at all a good full blast issue, and we really do not want to undo roe vs wade. We can stop paying for it, but the second you make it a totalizing moral question, you poison our ability to take our tax money back from the corrupt totalitarians at planned parenthood.

I prioritize the born before the unborn, just as I prioritize citizens before non-citizens, and people before animals. Every prohibition HAS COSTS, it has to be enforceable, and the consequences must be less than the benefits. 24 weeks, that compromise isn’t with liberal activists, it’s with the American people. After that you’re a baby. Is it arbitrary? Nations exist on a foundation of citizens, not immaterial ideals.

I’m actually pissed at Alex for thinking the people have “changed their minds” on a culture war none of us want. Activists are a major reason we’re in this mess, they are not representative of the citizen’s priorities.


I go by Gods law, aborting a baby at any time, is murder and we who stand down and say nothing, we are going to reap the consequences. (You reap what you sew).