Activist - Day of Mourning - Saturday - 23rd of February, 2019



Lol, *sow.

I believe you’re quoting the Lord, and those are two different words.



Oh okay, thank you…


Np, no offense intended, and usually I do not amend, I did it for the idea of what you meant more than being a spelling Nazi :slight_smile:
I agree with your original sentiment.


Really?? Going to Argue About this?? If You dont Like it, DONT DO IT! If You Wanna Participate, Do it!
Really Difficult, huh? IF you wanna do Something Else, DO IT!. Stop putting everyone down. Who needs the democrats, with this garbage going on? Smh.


Do you want to pay for abortions via taxes?


Anyone besides a couple of us InfoWarriors from NY state considering going to the Day Of Mourning on the 23rd in Albany, NY? I feel like this should probably be a multi-state thing, especially since Albany is so close to both MA and VT. I only live 30 minutes north of Albany and can probably put up someone from out of town for a night or two.


You will NEITHER save this nation, NOR will you save a single life with your bullshit strategy. We watched you ideological zealots piss away elections, and work with globalist cretins like the Bush’s.

I’d fight to re-establish this nation, I’m not fighting for every potential life, because each one would have to live under the tyranny you’ve enabled. It is an obvious attempt to mislead the citizenry, and ram us into a wall, your globalist ideological bullshit ends now.

Our elected president doesn’t control his own department of justice, so who does? If that doesn’t end all other concerns, you’re colluding with our enemies.


Only God can save this nation.


God works through people, divine inspiration, this is for those who have no choice but to struggle. There are plenty of places for those who can only get through the day with hope, but this place isn’t one them.


The Devil Is A Liar.


Why not participate in revolutions? Why not be part of history?


I don’t disagree, it is wrong, and I’d never condone it. HOWEVER, a government isn’t really capable of morality like us people are. Every thing it does has a cost, and it must prioritize. We’re not talking about if people should get abortions, we’re talking about the costs vs. benefits on prohibition.


Certainly not, I would support any effort to defund planned parenthood. Them selling of baby parts, especially gruesome.


Ill be watching for it


@JoeyArnoldVN Whats with your original link here? It says bigsistercrj wixsite


@dang, yes, this was the original link to the event website: this website was made via Wix, which is a web builder. So, the URL is her name, bigsistercrj, and the name of the web builder website, Here is a screenshot:

Her Main Website:

There are two websites: the other website is for Activist Mommy, and not for the event, is this:

Event Website:

Screenshot of the Event Website:



Thanks for explanation. Got a bump up for the topic at least.


Must be 2 sites for the event and then 1 more for because the link you posted later was


You are right. There are 2 URLs for that event.