Actually give a shit and have human mods run the show


Self explanatory.

Got banned because somebody’s feeling got hurt.

I see hypocrisy with this explained below…

Give me a good reason to keep funding you and keep supporting you guys when you clearly don’t give a damn… I’ll be waiting.


@OwenShroyer isn’t reinstated on Facebook or youtube…

Meanwhile on the comms…


I don’t understand this, I can assure you I have also upset or “hurt” the delicate Ego and fantasy of many on this platform, unintentionally however I have not been banned or flagged so I wonder why would you be banned…

Did I miss something? It a serious question.


I feel ya man!! They should have never started this forum without a strong foundation in place. A forum built with cards is bound to come tumbling down. You cannot build a place like this without human intervention from it’s owners. It’s now turned into a slum instead of a great place for people to organize due to this. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, hypocrisy.

Owen crys all day about being banned on Facebook or youtube, boo hoo.

We get banned on the comms after exposing Joey for what he was doing. We get censored.

We deserve an explanation.


Kinda nice getting to post something, having somebody like it, and not have it hidden.


Even FacisistBook has it’s own trusted member moderators for all groups, why not here? It would solve a lot of problems if the forum had community moderators imo.


My vote is for @MamaPotato


Yup, I a very confused as I also exposed Joey along with his now 5 accounts on this forum…

What has singled you out, don’t take this the wrong way, but you had little at all to do with Joey’s threads being removed or his initial suspension, nor did @MamaPotato even though she likes to act as if she had anything to with it at all. She to was suspended…

So I am totally confused, neither of you have contributed anything worthy of banning, which the exception of some threads that shouldn’t have been… beyond that I just don’t get it…

What have I missed, what the hell did you do that made you a target?


I’d say @zimmermann is doing a fantastic job but I’d be lying.


Probably because I call people on their shit and not flag them like a bitch.


@Bingozee I never claimed to have anything to do with Joey’s suspension… :thinking: Why would you say that??


And I wasn’t suspended until after he was… And I actually was still defending him for a bit after he was suspended :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Wow @Ghost_of_Griff you got banned for what??


@FlagDUDE08 and I were both suspended at the same time for no explained reason… Then a few days later when @Mischief_With_Griff and @Leviticus were calling out the mods about censorship… Multiple posts of there’s were deleted and then they were suspended…


I mean seriously I spread articles around to the point where it ruined my relationships, took time off to do this for 3 days a week, care too much for people, failing in my own life in order to support this movement, and what’s my reward?

Censorship on the comms.

It’s a joke.


Exposing the problems and issues. Now I’m like fuck it.

Can’t support infowars when infowars doesn’t care about us.

But I still care about you which is why I made this server with an activism category.

Your safety means something to me. Not looking for anything in return.

Alex says tell the truth. So I did.


I was reinstated but @FlagDUDE08 has not been… @Leviticus has been reinstated and @Mischief_With_Griff has not been… How does that make sense???


I had the Flu really bad for over a Month, was to sick to even go on my computer…Due to my absence, I lost my ‘Regular’ Badge.


To be honest brother things are falling apart every where in our movement. I have no idea what to do anymore man.
I guess the old saying is true you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself the villain.
I’m losing hope in everything maybe mankind doesn’t deserve Liberty.