Actually give a shit and have human mods run the show


The thing that pisses me off is the silence from the mods…No explanation, no communication, very little interaction. This lack of communication is why the COMMS are like the way it is now. If you don’t have the time and resources to run this place, why even start it?


@StovePipe awww I was wondering what had happened to you!!! And I’m not around here as much as before! Glad to see you back and ok!! :heart::+1:


I’ve never been so violently ill in my life, I never had a flu shot, and never had the flu. Now I know how it kills people, 39 have died in Ct. this season so far. Thank you for the kind words.


Yeah the lack of feed back and, communication from the moderators really puts a ding in the infowars army’s morale.

If the crew and Alex want the morale to be boosted they need to be active on the comms as well as answering the feedback that we are giving to them. It just really seems like they don’t really care.


Hey Griff, sorry to hear of your misfortune.


Has his personal account ever been suspended on Twitter? Sucks that you got the shaft here. Did @MamaPotato ever get an explanation as to her suspension?


@StovePipe you know, I’ve been seeing alot on the alternative sources about a flu like sickness that feels like death…worse than the flu!! And it’s showing up in those who very rarely get ill… :thinking:

Here’s one…


@4LoveOfTheRoad nope no explanation whatsoever!


I can agree to that 100%, I have functioned as a admin and mod of many online community’s and as mentioned, non have contributed anything worthy of banning, suspension yes, banning no, with the exception of @JoeyArnoldVN, his five other personas, plagiarism, theft of intellectual property and his abuse of rights.

Yes I would have suspended all or any for the creation of threads for the sake of slander, beyond that I would easily ignore the other things.

So I am confused… there is no leaders of this community, nor should there be, but moderation absolutely…


I still have soars on my back from just sleeping sitting up soaking wet from a high fever for weeks, couldn’t lay down because my lungs were full of fluid. I honestly for the first time in my life was totally compromised and defeated. I don’t have a furnace, just burn cord wood, just that alone was a huge task being so ill. At one point, I was just going to bring my 19yr old Dog to the Vet’s and have her put down, then go to the hospital. I have aquariums, a cat, they and the pipes would have froze if I wasn’t here to load the stove. I now also understand how close I live to the edge being such a loner, there’s nothing more important than health. Thanks for the Link, and sorry for taking the thread off of topic.


You need moderation from the community. Just like in Facebook groups, the creators of the group will choose people in their created group to help run and moderate without bias (most of the time). A forum without active, easily accessible mods, is a forum doomed.


I think that conversation is better had privately via the messaging feature… I only mention this as it has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic of the thread…


I was just replying, and I apologized.


I can only assume, but I believe INFOCOMMS has been put on the back burner for now, I believe they are considering a new platform or of letting it die off slowly…

I am only assuming, as I to am trying to understand what’s happening here also…


Yep. I’m beginning to feel like this forum was only for talking points for Owen’s show :laughing:


I actually agree to that…I think the fact all members of INFOWARS are not members of this community says much…


It’s not just on here, everyone’s morale is down, we just can’t take it any longer. On the show today…Owen said he just feels like quitting. I’m getting pretty worn too. I’m not sure what went here on the Comms, but Left is taxing all of us warriors for sure.


I like this place, I like most of the people I have met and the things I have learned-but without security and true moderation it will never reach it’s full potential. People that organize on here are crazy giving out their exact location and time not knowing who the fuck is watching. The lack of security in here is beyond disturbing. I just don’t share to much personal info in here as I don’t feel safe at all.


I understand that, but also consider that is how we are defeated, the question is, are we really or do we just choose to think and act that way “defeated” , “depressed”, it is literally up to each of us individually, we can’t blame others for our own weaknesses can we?.

On an individual level we must be stronger then the community, it’s these individual strengths that can make INFOCOMMS community an extremely powerful force to be reckoned with…

But are we strong individually if we are so easily affected by any negativity… I am saying this with a sense of positive energy as I wish to motivate and inspire the members here to dig deeper and see more, open the minds and ability.

I don’t know, I believe there is no end to possibility until the end…


You know,Owen started this as place to organize in the 3d world but knowing the microscope Infowars is under, the alphabet agencies have their eyes in here 100%. The number one thing while organizing in the 3d world is knowing that what people are organizing, the information is safe from prying eyes…I think it was Griff that showed how anybody can create a RSS feed of the comms. That is just insane and unacceptable. It’s a false flag just waiting to happen.