Actually give a shit and have human mods run the show


I agree, we should have some type of encrypted ‘Fight Club’ scenario. I can bet the alphabet agys are all over this. Personally, I don’t care, but if someone has a family, I understand total anonymity.


When did he say he felt like quitting? At what hour and minute?


Honestly guys I’m not scared to die for this I just want my kids lives to be good ones. I fear that its too late for our generation to change things. I blame the fucking boomers caring more about drugs and, free love other than actually changing the system. In the 60’s they could of fixed this now I think the nwo has their tentacles far too deeply into the system for peaceful change.


I believe it was in the first hour, it was a hectic day here, I run a Veterans Group at 2:00, so it was between noon (the show starts here in Ct at noon eastern time) and 1:00, in the first hour. He was so depressed due to Manafort’s sentence, and Podesta, Clinton, and the rest walking, he said “If I wasn’t so committed, I’d just quit right now, I’ve had it”. I’ll go over the Podcast and give you an exact time stamp.


I just went to the Podcast Archive, Sunday Mar 10 was the last Post, sorry.
It was in the 1st hour & a half at the most, because I left at 1:30, he was in a really bad mood.


I’m listening to the MindBender #12 on Brighteon…Much respect.


Lol… I find these badges funny…

Guess I am not so bad after all… tehehe teasing… :slight_smile:



The algorithm for badges is completely FLAWED!!! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I can agree to that as it seems you have one also… shame huh… :wink: such hypocrisy is completely flawed.


Seriously!?! I didn’t realize I did!! Wow… Liars… I am not empathetic whatsoever!!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


To me the biggest flaw in the comms is that you don’t have to sign in to see the posts. The comms need to be password protected and, needs more protection as far as this kinda thing goes.


Benghazi got a most empathetic badge, that is a he he he he.


Here here!..


Owen and Infowars started the comms for Infowars activists to meet and plan protests, outreach, etc. Not to start a new social media site to babysit everyone! I like posting my opinion, but try to follow the rules. Obviously Owen and Infowars contracted someone to run this and moderate it. Political Speech/Opinion is not the same as Verbal Abuse and Attacks. Those are not permitted. We are not here for that.


dammmn i hope we hear from OWEN,JAKE OR ANYONE ELSE FROM the INFOWARS CREW!


Hmmm wonder if we strike and, say we will leave the comms if things arn’t fixed like the password and, mod issues.

Just throwing that out there.

I love infowars been watching since I was 16 thats 10 years I’ve supported infowars please guys hear us out we love you guys and, only want the best for the Infowars community. Just look at it like this if we are organizing activists events on a open forum it is so easy for our enemy’s to infiltrate these group activities. At least with a password protected server they would have to make an account to view the posts then we could get an idea of who those scum are. The way it stands now it would be so easy for us to be infiltrated if we haven’t been already. I forget who said it on here but this is a false flag waiting to happen.

@zimmermann @OwenShroyer


exactly! I thought there was gonna be a password since day ONE…hope they add that feature asap! so we are more protected from here on OUT! esp the upcoming times. this is why i dont post much on here until its a bit more private!


BTW Even though I have been critical of him, I don’t think Owen Shroyer should quit. I think he should make some adjustments (so he’s more natural–so he can speak from his heart) but I think it would be a loss if he were to quit.


Owen is the real deal, I trust that kid.


He is the real deal. I’ll agree with that. But he like Twitter more than his own movement he created.