Actually give a shit and have human mods run the show


Come on guys, I think a lot of people are taking the forum too personally.

It’s a cool thing that Owen got put in place for people to spitball and brain-storm. I don’t know why the guy got banned, but I don’t think it’s any reason to give up on Infowars. It’s a big opperation, and they’re up against a helluva fight as they’ve been blackballed around the web… A weaker man would’ve crumbled, not Alex Jones.

It’s disheartening to hear people demoralized and sounding beat up and worn down. The unjust blackballing only fuels me to support the organization more. Don’t let the limp-wristed big-tech nerds get your moral down.


Still not a good idea to plan activism here.

And your talking to a not so limp wristed tech nerd.


But I agree, the moral is down and we need to build it back up. But you’ll notice that there is no login portal on this site which means that there is no front door to the house, sure you have to login to be apart of it but to come in, it’s just an option.