Alex Announces Million Dollar Contest....and then, whoops $100,000


Alex is offering $1,000,000 for anyone who can identify the person who sent him child porn.
Email metadata to be released Monday.

…and his lawyer Norm Pattis is advising him not to.


This is nuts, dude…!!
Alex is PISSED. Wow


That funny feeling that you aren’t going to be able to control your client…



Found this from 2018 looks like…
Is he now talking about this? Or is today another Instance of Alex getting ‘Porn Bombed’?


Interesting! No, it sounds like it was more recently because Norm said it occurred during the discovery period of the Sandy Hook trial.


Time to hunt …


Norm’s facial expressions are hilarious as he tries to steer Alex…


This is NOT my area of Expertise at all… haha

Go for it if you can!!


Oh a million doll hairs is a good amount, I’m in… these Child molesters better have good security…


I haven’t even seen the metadata yet and I can tell who’s behind it…


The money is as good as mine!


It’s on like Donkey Kong, we’ll find them…


Every body would know its a set up. He is to well known. And he is against all that stuff.


Thats what they do to congress to get them to vote a certain way or to be quiet if they know somebody.
Time for a new FBI


Just killed me today to see them do this to Alex. Even more seeing him loose it, but understood. He needs our prayers right now. He has been going down a very dark path lately, as all this is really getting to him, but he needs to listen to his lawyer right now. I don’t want to lose Alex, and I don’t think his mind can take much more. They know this is the one thing that will break him, not so much proving he knew about the pics, but how they are affecting his mind. :pray:
Good luck, I hope these scum are put behind bars.


You do understand, an attack on one is an attack on us all. While they attack Alex, all of us who support him, or use the info comms are also being lumped in with him. This is a real battle, this computer is just a tool, like the tool that is on my hip 24/7/365.

These scum won’t make it into a cell if I find them 1st. I’ve sent 23 Pedophiles to prison, 2 have made it out, 21 haven’t, God rest their souls.
This will not break Alex, learn to stay calm. It’s just Alex blowing off steam, and we have $1 million doll hairs to collect. And scum to bury 6’ under.

And if I get it I’ll buy 250,000 friends a Info Wars T, from the InfoWar Store.


They are watching us all for sure…

Which makes me say:
Be careful with comments like those, man… They watch The Comms for sure & who knows what happened to the last site? It was all Erased?? They could be cooking up some fake profiles or something to use as a Frame Job. We’ve all been Lumped-In Together since the Good Old Days back when we were all just ‘Conspiracy Theorists’. Now we’re something different everyday. ‘Alt-Right’ , ‘Nazi’ , ‘Fascists’ , on and on… Just don’t give them any Red Meat to sink their hooks into.


Didn’t realize that asking for people to pray for Alex was not staying calm. Everyone has a breaking point, and no one knows how this will truly affect him, but him. I’m not alone in seeing how Alex has been affected by going after the pedo’s lately, just remember how it affected him many years ago. It’s one of the reasons he would not cover any story on them for years. I definitely wouldn’t be writing about killing anyone though, to me, that is not staying calm, or smart. Just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face: I get the anger, just very careful with what I say nowadays.


Killing happens every day, not saying I am do the killing, I have friends for that…


I appreciate your right to have an opinion, but keep in mind you do not speak for anyone else in this forum. I’m sure you know that.

I think I can safely say that in speaking for virtually everybody that posts in this forum, we do not like the tone of your posts that suggest violence. None of us want to be associated with such behavior, so please stop.

Just so you are aware and to have opportunity to chill out and stop posting in that way, people have been arrested for less statements online.

I’m asking nicely on behalf of the InfoComms community.


I am ready when you are. This is a open forum. I do not promote violence. Nor will I stand by when innocent kids are being preyed upon. You don’t seem to understand that this will all go away if we do not win this battle.
Some of us are pacifists, some of us are warriors, some of can only meme, do not threaten me with arrest unless you have the huevos to back it up.
I want to stop the Left and these stop the invasion of this perversion, this the battle for the USA if we do not get Trump back in 2020, and we get a Socialist into power then guess what? Memeing will be the last of our worries.

Best Get Armed, best get trained, best learn how to be your own medic.

I do not support violence, only in a defensive way, I will not stand down I will use what ever tools I can to uphold the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. Any one that crosses that line well? Either we can be friends or we can be enemies. It’s up to you.