@Alex Jones & Crew


To disrespect Owen some much, is to also disrespect Alex, for he hired him. Owen has endured much attack. What can he do? I am not sure. My advice would be not to respond or not often, and just ignore it.
and push through you own narrative rather then get in the mud slinging match.


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Yes I would like to know about many things


I don’t have any direct connection to owen Alex or anyone on staff that I know accept Nick B once


On the old site I thought Lev was Owen and Alex was vitt zor sopremebeing and a few more just what I thought


When a person enters the public arena, that person better be prepared to face public scrutiny.

Those who complain about being “attacked” need to grow a pair or get out of the public square.

As an artist, I learned a long time ago that if I can’t handle criticism of my art, then I’m no artist.

Not everybody has good taste for art. Sucks for them! :sunglasses:

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Thank you balancing-out all the anti-Shroyer rhetoric that has been circulating. You are pardoned from any Infowars court martialling that I hope happens soon. :grin:


@ALEX! @Owen @Dr. R. Epstein

Thank You!!!..

PS: I called “Treason” long ago, But for some REASON the thread was Deleted :slight_smile:


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@Alex.j @Owen.s

Well I was going to come, but LIKE my YouTube they have decided to intervene, My visa has been delayed so now my travail plans are also scraped.

Alex Their more then censoring and silencing people, Their also working on means to Ground and stop select people from travailing mainstream, something that will become common place in the near future, More so once there is a Wall (“Social Score”). Consider the things I post, and how much of a threat if any of it was to go mainstream of viral. We would experience an exponential acceleration to CALAMITY.

ITS Coming, unavoidably, It’s just timing.

PS: Some Fantastic Broadcasting last night, Much more entertaining and informative then the Debates… Thanks all!

PSS: @Owen.s Thank you for letting INFOCOMMS stand… Let see what happens over time, eventually if we can, I believe there is potential, to what is yet to be seen, but I am sure it will be something :slight_smile:


@Alex.j Exactly for his Mentality Man can never surpass the firmament, and is doomed to his own manifest and calamity of Artificiality, we are the cause of our own illness and disease for life is balanced perfectly naturally.

If you are Religious then you should also know this reality.

Being Dammed, is being Disconnected from HUMANITY, Consciousness and the literal Disassociation from “HU-MAN” unto MAN for his Mentality and Propagated Artificiality (“Religious Belief”). just a different consideration, We don’t need Religion to understand these things, we need Rational, Logical, Critical thinking to Consider and acknowledge that Religion only offers a Fraction of these Facts and Reality’s (“Truths”), for long standing lies require Fractions of Truth or they are simply unbelievable and almost impossible to indoctrinate without.

I wonder would I be a grater threat then you, Your argument is only Political, that you openly admit, What happened that you abandon the Reason for your argument in the first place, That which at one time was about people are being MURDERED (“Humanity”), and the Agenda of which they (“The Demented”) follow…

If we are going to WAKE people and HUMANITY, We can’t continue to Pretend its only the USA or that the USA means a thing in the Scope of the thing, We have to OPEN the MIND, The whole Political Argument is ONLY a psychological Distraction (“Close Minded”), and when that is getting stale, a Threat of WAR or some sort of Violence to keep us form talk or getting to Anything bigger, or REAL, while only leaving us Obsessing over the smallest nothing…

These PEOPLE don’t matter, What is being DONE does!

Just an opinion friend… still I get what your saying and I agree, however, not religiously, What is Christianity and its Ritual Different from Satanism and its ritual, Factually, Truthfully nothing in Reality.



@Owen.S dude thank you for promoting people to protest their local police and government by filling complainants that are “legal” and 100% more logical then running around like frantic chickens thinking their rosters on the street.

100% Got your Back on this one!!! STOP running in the STREET, Demand The LAW to serve its Purpose.

AWESOME! MAKE the SYSTEM Fight its self… Expose the Hypocrisy and Artificiality.




Your continued miss use of the word Kill is really starting to piss me off!




Stop desensitizing fucking Tool!

WOW! What are you just part of the problem and programming! USE THE PROPER TERMINOLOGY!!!

People are MURDERING people, we are not killing each other!

… or are you that dishonest…

Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse.

Meaning ANY action out side of SELF DEFENCE is MURDER!

To say A woman KILLED a home intruder is CORRECT!
To say A Mass shooter KILLED innocent people is INCORRECT!


all soldiers are MURDERERS! that is REALITY!

GOING to have to CALL in and RIP you a NEW one lol :slight_smile:

American ‘wild, wild West’ needs taming, but politicizing cold-blooded murder…

The Owen Shroyer War Room Thread
NOW!~ One of two suspects in Baton Rouge Walmart

We are not winning anything ALEX, I am not sure how you think we are going to make the slightest difference to what will be, I think you don’t understand things as well as you pretend to.

Alex, NOTHING will STOP what is coming… NOTHING, why, Because people believe and have faith in Artificiality that has NO effect whatsoever on REALITY…(“God”, “Religions”), Rather then each other.

YOU nor TRUMPET CAN DESTROY THE NWO, IT IS ONLY JUST STARTING, We haven’t even seen a thing yet, this is still child’s play, DUH, honestly ALEX your starting to sound more and more like a TOOL rather then resource. Seem your in Denial… Just sayn…

NOTHING will STOP this from coming, it WILL be, the only QUESTION is will it come by PEACE or WAR that is the only Equation we have EFFECT on, We can Submit, or Fight, but no matter what we choose will make NO DIFFERENCE to the END GOAL… Consider we can not do what has not already been projected and War Gamed by AI and Projected futures.

Don’t be so naive! It’s getting extremely annoying, and your sounding Stupid.

ALEX you are VERY incorrect, YOU, WE, and INFOWARS have NO effect on the agenda, your only talking about surface shit, but still have no CLUE how these things are JUST starting and here you Claim its in disarray and all that other bullshit, Alex don’t be stupid, Realize it is ONLY just STARTING! WE haven’t seen NOTHING yet…

LOL Fool, they can start WAR in a DAY, lol What EFFECT do you think you have! Fucking Silly…

Fuck WAKE UP man!

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That is a really topical topic on the dangers of AI. Much overlooked I think.

AI excels at running theoretical models and simulations. They have been doing it with weather, battlefield scenarios, Geo-political issues, and who knows what else for decades. The only limitations have been accessing a supercomputer, processing speed and an up to date database. Both speed has been increasing and databases are actively growing at an increasing rate due to the increase in internet users.

From the sounds of it, 5G will expedite that growth by multiple factors.

“They” are doing certain things for a reason. That reason is because HAL said so.



Alex, TOTAL destruction, REBUILDING IS EASIER! then trying to CHANGE or UPDATE.


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Surely you jest. :roll_eyes:


NOT in the Slightest… What is NOW is nothing in comparison of what WILL be.

The ONLY way to FACILITATE the MAGA city is to DESTROY all those that are not scheduled to be… Consider they have been working the Agenda for over 100+ years, do you really think their short sighted or afraid to Do what has and is already being done?

“Gods for there are NONE”

Alex only TALKS politics, But the FACT is NWO has nothing to do with Politicians, its BEYOND them and the OLD System that will be ERADICATED… Its the CHURCH not the COURT. they are “GOD’s” not Politicians, Politicians are only for entertainment, scapegoat, sacrifice and excuse.

Let me REPEAT.

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“Ordo ab Chao” is what you’re talking about Bingo…

Problem is, those willing to destroy everything to rebuild it, aren’t the ones that you want rebuilding anything.


“…WILL be…” is your stated opinion.