Alex Jones exposes Joe Rogan as a drug cult leader



I was watching Rogan live when he said, “George Soros was captured by the Nazis”…Joe will never live that shit down in my mind!!!

Here ya go…


And CIA controlled agent (deep State)


Joe Rogan has always been a useless crude piece of sh(t. Its been obvious for years hes an operative & hes not very intelligent at all. Also publicly mocked Alex on his show. Why has’nt any of the closest friends/ crew around Alex ever pointed all this out to him ?!!! Alex has wasted way too much show/ News Time of the listeners talking about Joe Rogan. (And I’m not critical of Alex on too much)


Rogan is no rocket scientist but, he is no dummy either. He knew good and damn well Soros wasn’t captured by the Nazis. Joe has made other statements he knows not to be true…that’s the part that really pisses me off!!!


You’re absolutely correct there! When he said that I knew he was a sellout and wasn’t worth my time to listen to any longer. He’s very rude, vulgar and completely unprofessional on his show.
He sits and gets drunk and stoned on his show with an “In Your Face” attitude.
But that’s what traitors do because they think their going to have a seat at the table for helping to sell this country out.


Im always -absolutely correct


And above all, You’re so Modest about it! Lol :joy:


I agree that Joe probably isn’t as smart as they portray him to be but then again, I’ve never listened to his podcast and don’t have a desire to; how smart can you really be if you spout media lines to cover your own ass? Seems like a selfish dude in my book.


Ever since he did the chemtrail hit piece on scify channel and threw Dr nick bagich under the bus IV always known he can’t be trusted…glad Alex Jones is figuring it out