Alex Jones exposes Joe Rogan as a drug cult leader


Wonder how many kids went looking for DMT after that Podcast.


I posted this on another thread… it fists here as well.
Check out the book called 'Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon" by David McGowan. He was killed for this book in 2015. He explains a secret CIA base was built into the mountain inside Laurel Canyon a covert Ops.

The entire Hippy movement was created in Laurel Canyon. At the time the CIA was handing out LSD like candy. Many popular bands from the 60’s to 70’s were created during that time.

All these bands lived together in the played together at the time.
"The Beach Boys’ ‘the Eagles’, ‘Frank Zappa and the Mother of Invention’ "James Taylor and Carole King, Steppenwolf, CSN, Three Dog Night and Love, Buffalo Springfield, the Monkees, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Judy Collins and the Doors.

The CIA created the Hippy anti war moment for the same reason theyb coined the name “Conspiracy Theorist” after JFK’s assassination. If you though other than what the Warren Commission said you were labeled as Conspiracy Theorist. If you were anti war then you were a Hippie.

Jim Morrison’s father was the captain of the ship that supposedly witnessed the Gulf of Tonkin incident which got us into the Vietnam War. The JFK files released proved that never happened.

So his son is back home making anti war hippy music while his dad gets us into a war and the CIA is in the middle of all of it.

Joe Rogan is just a CIA shill like Alex Jones says pushing the CIA’s drug of choice today DMT.

Interesting stuff to say the least.


2019 could be the year they start pushing this stuff big style.As usual AJ’s on to something.

Not sure I’d pick Mike as any kind of role model to emulate mind you.If he does it probably best avoided like the plague!

Tyson’s autobiography is a wild ride.After his boxing career ended he spent several years partying on yacht’s with the super wealthy.Sailing around the Mediterranean,taking drugs and enjoying the company of the finest hookers money can buy.He described things like indulging in threesomes etc adding that Eastern European women were so extreme it scared him.Which must be pretty extreme.Im sure he was privy to other stuff that didn’t make it into the book.At the end of this period he went batshit crazy and would spend all day marching off into the desert in the blazing sun-for no disearnable reason.


If I was younger I’d be desperate to get my hands on some of this stuff.As it is it sounds intriguing and I dont take anything stronger than green tea these days.But think I’l settle for reading other users accounts.Not sure I want to experience eternity in a matter of seconds though the conquistador in a disco influenced costume sound pretty damn cool!

Think it’s the fact that it only lasts half an hour that makes people brave enough to take it-it’s like the crack of psychadelics.If it was the full 12 hr experience they’d probably think twice.


Have to disagree. It might be used in some gov’t funded research, but I really don’t see the CIA “pushing” it. For what purpose? It’s extremely short acting, non-addictive, and an experience that wouldn’t lend itself to repeating often (compared to cocaine which activates the mesolimbic dopamine reward system). In other words, the experience is not pleasurable. Like LSD and psilocybin, there is no inherent motivation to repeat the experience. If the CIA were indeed wanting to “push” a drug for the purpose of mind control, DMT would be a poor choice.


A song for Joe…


Joe seems to be known for three things-MMA,DMT and knowing Alex Jones.In any case his podcast seems revolve around these subjects.As we know alot of people are titilated by Alex’s persona and want to know what it’s like to go out on the beer with him.

His number one obsession does seem to be DMT has to be said.He’s been positively evangalising for it for bout a decade.Watched actor Scott Eastwood tell Joe he smoked it once due to hearing so much about about it on his podcast.Like Leary with LSD he’s definitely turned alot of people on to this stuff.

Question is why? It’s quite possible he believes it’s something that many will find a beneficial life experience.But after the Dorsey debacle we know that we shouldn’t just believe Joe’s being entirely open and honest with his audience.Even a hit piece written at the weekend admitted that Alex destroyed Rogan and his claims of transparency.

CIA involvement? Haven’t seen any proof of this.Valid point about why DMT would be something they want to push.I dont necessarily believe it was LSD that turned the hippy movement into a cluster f-k.If you leave human beings to their own devices they’l probably do that all by themselves.


Let’s not forget Charles Manson’s ties to that to make the scene look like scary madmen rather than misled dreamers as well. Along with Kent State, drugs kill the peace movement ever time it gets footing!


Exactly… do you think people would be shocked the CIA created Charles Manson?


Sometimes i like to pretend: how great would it be if Joe and Alex were actually on the same page this whole time, that Alex and Joe are in this fight to bring attention to Alex’s fight without getting Joe banned because he is always playing devils advocate or saying shit stuff to Alex, but he does this at Alex’s prompting because it keeps those libs listening. So the final plan is to keep Joe entertaining both sides but mostly the left until things get so out of control that Joe can come forward and say, "you know up to this point its been okay, but now its a threat against America and the rest of the free world so its time to get up and fight. Enough leftists would say hmmm maybe he is right and we could save a percentage of them in the final moments. What if Joe is the Snape of this story? @OwenShroyer @DrHarrison @SavanahH


Alex said he was going to drop a bombshell on Rogan Politically if he doesn’t denounce the pedophile rings so Im still wondering when that is going to happen or if alex still plans on doing it.


Basically Joe Rogans role is to introduce people to vice…and make it look cool. He wants his audience strung out because that’s the only way he’s listenable. Do drugs and party and worship George Soros.

He spreads misinformation about Alex but also about history… for instance Joe pushes this theory that smoking DMT from toads is a modern phenomenon when it’s well documented in ancient Japan.

So it’s bad enough he pushes drugs, but he’s also lying about the history behind them. Such a trash person


Keemstar wants to host a debate between Joe Rogan and Alex Jones… not sure how I feel about this…


Seems like either really stupid idea, dangerous idea or genius for ratings idea… Dunno really could go either way…


Keemstar is so grimy… and why on earth would either Joe Rogan or Alex Jones need him to “host” anything? This would clearly ONLY benefit Keem. Joe and Alex don’t need a platform.


Here’s the essential primer on Keemstar


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Yeah bad idea…


Am I to understand, then, that you watched the “Content Cop” on Keemstar? LOL!


Uh yeah

Bring in the big back up…the big gun?


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I’ve never heard of keemstar… He’s a bottom feeder… He wants exclusivity… Ugh