@Alex Jones. Please Read


the choice is now, for there may not be a tomorrow.

:left_speech_bubble: A Contribution to the Community Realistically

With all due respect, Infocomms isn’t a batline to Alex. It might be just a little entitled to think otherwise. There isn’t enough time in the day for Alex to respond to everyone that wants his attention.


Perhaps it has. Declaring you know its true offering nothing is corrupted vanity. No one here came to buy feelings.

Again nothing to corroborate your feelings. IW has callers, all the time. IW has debated opposition giving open mics, numerous times.

How hard for this is it to sink into you?

You don’t get to wield your feelings as power here, no matter how obsessed you are. No means no. You have no substance or value with your claims. Your persistence only proves your priority of irrational discussion. Your actions are proving this not my words.

Petulant childish behavior like this, isn’t new.


is that your excuse every time you have no substance to stand on? put your fingers in your ears and run away? This is why you lose. You can’t look at yourself in the mirror. but everyone else can see by your own action you recoiling from yourself.

You can pretend whatever fantasy you like. People today don’t have the luxury and hold your hand through your fantasy.


Not here but on a popular form Alex read one of my forum posts I guess when researching a topic and used my words.

This was before they gave mainstream news all the top results on everything and if you were lucky a link to your post landed first page.



Fast forward to 6:05.


@Bingozee… The main point I took away from his rant was the forced vaccinations thing… I don’t agree with everything out of his videos but the science and biology stuff he touches on is usually spot on when I do my research… He does have credentials in science study… The religious aspect of his rants do get fanatical at times… :pensive:


Awww I can’t listen on mobile :expressionless:


It’s working now!! :+1::grin: I’ll give it a listen!! :+1:


I’m glad you posted in here… I was listening and realized I had already read it lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anybody who is Alex Jones could read this thread.


Deceptions and Dissociation’s.

“Remember that at the end of the day, we are then manifestation of a words meaning and the affect unto ourselves”



But, What if Russia in actuality are the Owners of USA and has been USING it, the country and its states as a segregated social, Biochemical, Radioactive, experiments, along with its civilization, the piggy which tests and study’s are continuously conducted, as if HUMAN are the harvestable Sheep, sacrificial lamb and or the expendable beast. it’s for a grater good, Power.

The Shepard, we are saved by his crooked arm and cadge, for we are but his sustenance and wealth.
The Mark of the Beast are toughs whom choose to belief and follow, for as long as they believe, equally they are deceived.

Maybe this is why Putin’s arrogance, he knowing the reality. George Soros, Bill Gates among others both corporate and the Elite, civilization and society’s are investing and providing BIG money!, China making the machine, these are the Three. Russia, China, and the Illuminati. (Church, Popery, and Propaganda the 123 and ABC’s Globally) POWER and the PROJECTION there of.

maybe WHY these things are happening in the USA in the first place, a "Brain Fucked Monkey, not only reduced to sheep and lamb, but also the gilt pig!

"for these are the THREE, deceivers whom took from the library, the experience and have claimed and made it as if there own. these THREE that visited the son with gifts, bribery for murder!, not of the son, but of his Humanity, Humanness, and its ability and purpose of facilitating what is necessary for Humanity to live Free, by there will, and the freedom that comes of it, thus the whole of our freedom Humanity once and for all the ONE LAW, With out we are faced with the reality we are witnessing and waking to everyday, Artificiality.

Consider the statue of liberty it’s self is not the property of the USA, but CANADA, the USA has and is in many ways “Borrowing” many different things, so I have at times surmised these things.

“They Moved from the Deserts long ago these Three Kings”.


So much for double spacing…I had a hard time reading those…




If Russia owns America, and America is profiting, then what’s the problem?


It is?? …Oh…lol, The Social Score is because Money has absolutely no tangible value, so any Gaines are an artificiality and will only be converted to the credit, In other words CANADA, USA, and MEXICO have been SOLD to the NWO. End of story… USA is nothing, just one of the many stepping stones on the way…

a Flock of Sheep.


Does a house have no value?


Not when you will be dead and it gets Nuked… No.


Who is nuking my house? Can I get a force field?


good night…