@Alex Jones. Please Read


Who is going to nuke my house?


@OwenShroyer @zimmermann @DrHarrison


The show is here to give us information you decide whether you want to digest it or not so far it’s been all good if you’re really searching for the truth open up the Bible and read it all your answers are there but to bash the Messenger is lame




It seems that @Bingozee said that Russia is buying up America and yet will also nuke America as well.

My question is simple, “Why buy it if you are going to blow it up?”


It’s the Land that’s worth anything, the shit on it is expendable waste that can be Washed or Burnt away, your house or the building mean nothing…City’s are build nearly over night now a day. Dubai, among others still very well hidden.

Consider in CANADA all homes are built to be temporary unless owned by royalty, the castle and keep, when built on land belonging to the Queen.


Hey Bingozee, are you from Ukraine? Ukrainian immigrant living in America? You have the Ukrainian flag on your picture LOL - and I’m Ukrainian too! Haven’t met any redpilled Ukrainian yet.


Polish, Ukrainian…


So are you in Poland or Ukraine?


neither, nor can I answer that question, however Our Family left there long ago. the Reason.

Not Polish or Ukrainian, Human :slight_smile:


Lol, I asked for a simple answer, but that makes sense too - haha, we ARE all human.


LOL, Alex your silly, but not very convincing :slight_smile:

THEIR NOT Evil, their ILL.

WE are the Manifestation of all things Good and Evil. the Gods and Devils.


Hahhahaha :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: I’m dying over here :joy::rofl:

You’ll never get a simple answer from him… Just saying…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Definitely not simple at all :wink::rofl::revolving_hearts::+1:


How can I get more Genetic Memory, @Bingozee, because I’m losing it, and are we crazy, sick, evil, and/or ill, because we are sick, ill, crazy, and/or evil, and is the earth one big egg? Oh, @MamaPotato knows you well, you don’t offer simple answers. But wouldn’t simplifying things help?


@Bingozee seriously like 6 days later and after already addressing this since you already asked the same questions. I’m free to read the words and comments you make and I’m also free to judge your character accordingly. I’m sorry it bothers you so much that someone (a Christian) has judged your character so accurately. Seems to me if it bothers you so much you might want to grow as a “human” and stop being such a shitty person.

You’re a nightmare to reason with because nothing you say has accuracy. If you think you’re accurate based on your opinions/beliefs I’m sorry to say please make them based off what I’ve presented. And I’m sorry if I never listen to someone as faithless as you.

You fail to engage me on even a remotely intellectual level as your views don’t further anything productive. Doing what you have done so far hasn’t created peace of any kind, unity of any kind, or proved I should see you any differently.

You do suck as a “human” that’s completely on your own shoulders to fix or not I personally don’t care. I’m just willing to call you out for the trash “human” you seem to be.


@Bingozee you’re the Oliver Darcy of the infocomms. You are trash. Nothing in you is genuine or bold or conservative. You’re a cry baby coward. Not an ounce of strength when being called out you swine. You’re trash nothing else about you matters.



I have noticed MANY people using the Word “Killed” when speaking of Human beings Murdered!, The Fact is a Human is NEVER killed, Only HUMANS can be MURDERED, We KILL ONLY FOOD such as The Plant and Fish to EAT.

Consider we are desensitized to this word much as we are love, so to say people are being Killed is minimal then to say they are being Murdered.

Enjoyed your Guest today Alex.


I thought this movie was interesting, I like the END the best, I would encourage others to give it a watch, It says LOTS with some good ol comedy.

The Worlds End



Can you Feel it…It’s Time Now…

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