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Now you’re F’n killing me… The opening keyboard riff is from a Genesis track and I can’t remember which one, and I’m not about to go through my $30k Genesis collection to figure it out… I will be attending the Musical Box performance in Two Tuesdays (tribute band) I’ll just wait till then


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“Sin can not Cure sin, Evil will not Diminish evil, Rather these work to Embolden them”

Question, Sure there is BAD content, but what is GOOD content?? they NEVER say what GOOD content is… They just say it Exists… In the End Content is content, it is up to us individually to discern if WE find it as BAD or GOOD, lol in no Fucking way should anyway one person or corporation have the Right to Decide and Make choices for us, That’s the Bottom Line…

What content is provided is not the issue, but rather a scapegoat and excuses to assert Artificial Authority…


@Alex.Jones @OwenShroyer.

This was a response I posted to the implication Sex is a sin, or bad thing… Just thought I would drop it here, Some interesting topics could come of it…

This could be Why There are So many ill clergy. “The denial of naturality

Keep holding your Shit and there is a good chance your will get Colin cancer.
Keep holding your Urine and a good chance you will get Cancer of the Balder.
Keep holding your breath and eventually you will die.

Bottom Line…
Keep acting Unnatural and it becomes Unhealthy, corrupted, tainted, toxic and ill in many different ways eventually, inevitably.


RE 5G affect unto water and Biological Life and the Living… You may find some of the Resources I provide here as Informative… Cheers…


I will be UPDATING the Following thread over then Next Few weeks. Thanks.


  • There are things not currently included in the Audio Reads, Thus the Actual POSTS host more information and LINKS to online Resources…

  • Posts Will be Updated soon… These POSTS and the content of them may be updated periodically…

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Special Thank you Faith J Goldy & Joe Rogan



Interesting. Thank you.


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The better question is does value have a house?


IF so is that not what we call making a living?



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Well it’s begun and nothing is going to stop what’s coming, unfortunately.

Sorry peeps, I wish you all the best, please stay aware rather then entertained.

This will be my final post and participation in the INFOCOMMS community…

My only concern, argument, and point is and has only ever been the following…

Take care…

Bingozee out.

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Time period between March 18, 2019 and January 1, 2020 (exclusive) equals to:

  • 289 days
  • or 41 weeks & 2 days
  • or 9 months & 14 days

Between March 18, 2019 and January 1, 2020 (exclusive) there are:

  • 200 working days (1600 hours, assuming 8-hour workday),
  • 89 non-working days including:
  • 41 Saturdays,
  • 41 Sundays,
  • 7 federal holidays (US) falling on weekdays

Time is Running OUT!


ALEX… Good Luck with the Upcoming Broadcast… I hope that things can come of it…

Wishing the Best For all ya’ll and the Crew… LETS DO THIS! CORRECTLY :slight_smile:



How come you are leaving Bingozee.?
Will miss your posts.


Nothing left to be said… for now… :slight_smile:



That’s no JOKE, I have been trying to get anyone from infowars attention for about 4 years,
I think once you come off as CRAZY, you might be dammed for ever.
BUT I hold out hope, GOD’s WILL will BE DONE but who’s to judge what his will is??? very tough this judgement business, very hard indeed.




I got through to Alex once on the phone but it was way ackward, first it would have been better to talk not live on the show. Second I should have tried to talk with the first people that answered the phone more first.maybe.
Anyway in 30s I definitely ended up sounding like the NUT JOB, I have been tagged with most of my life.

I guess if you tried to describe today to someone 500 years ago, That’s what you get?
Is it so hard to believe what the bible says so clearly, that maybe it is a real physical reality,
and that it is meant to bring about the change YOU ALEX have been talking about for so long.

The M.E.S>h is REAL someday you will know that. GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL INFOWARS



To “PRAY” is to Draw on one’s inner Will, by the Willingness, however these “Prayers” also require Honesty and Self Truth before becoming realized willingly and manifest as an actuality. Other wise our will is what helps us survive the most changeling situations, Its the Will and Willingness that are OUR Opportunity of ENDLESS Possibility.

Just a point of view… WE have to Start Accepting our OWN responsibility that are not that of Gods, Kings, or the Other Propagated and Forced Authority that is only Blasphemous unto humanity, OUR only Authority By but ONE LAW…

Consider By the Simple Web site Global Governance can be literally eradicated and made Redundant.

It’s this type of solution that Unites Humanity by allowing each to have there Say on the Events and developments that effect our local areas, resources and environments Globally. Consider the Plethora of Innovations REPRESSED deliberately or Stolen by Governments and other Corporations that could solve many issues we are deliberately subjected to, This type of intellectual theft happens ENDLESSLY.

I am with you… 100%…