Alex Jones Vs The NPC videogame


I like to have children…!

I’m human…!

I’m animated…!


Does it come with the audio track too? this would be hilarious just to hear all the quotes.


This is Cool… lol. :sunglasses:


That’s my favorite part lol.

There’s links to the web game under the YouTube video.

But I like just listening to the video it’s that good.


Imagine making a video game tell tale with Alex Jones, except make it tell a story like Endgame documentary, with a few mundane playable bits like this between cut-scenes.

I wonder how many skies would fall?


Oh my goodness, this made my day! :joy::joy::joy:


The day they aired this on the show is when Alex threw the hatchet at the TV.

He did it right after they played this segment.


I didn’t see that, I’ll have to look for that. I haven’t even had a chance to watch the show today because I’m swamped at work looking at plans that make no sense, so I’m going to listen to it once I get home.


Now that was entertainment! I’m about to click the replay button…Alex is my hero! I watched this last night, anyone who questions his commitment, just watch this one…


I’m watching it like the fifth time in a row now.



I’ve been installing wood flooring in a house the past three days & just listen all day while working.

From the David Knight show to the middle of the war room when I get off.

You little dancing worker bee. I bet your dancing in your apt right now. Lol


I love it! Very cool!


Actually not yet, I’m wrapping it up at work. I usually listen in my headphones when I’m sitting at my desk but sometimes I can’t. Like if the phone is ringing off the hook all day or, like today, I’m pouring over horribly put together plans that don’t match the specifications and I have to throw my focus into trying to figure out what the heck the architect was thinking when drawing up these plans! Lol


My dad was a home builder and always said> The people that draw up plans should have to work on an active jobsite for at least two years before picking up a pencil and see what it’s like to have to build some of this stuff! Lol


Agreed! Smart man! Lol


To go back on topic, now I have to go find that video game! Too hilarious! Lol


Down here on Houston we don’t need no dang plans or a DANG OLE architect.

We just “Get er Done”…! Lol kidding kind of


Lol well you’re lucky because they can be quite the headache!


There’s links in the description to the game under the video.

I keep looping the dam video while I’m wearing my Alex Jones mask & chanting along “I like to eat” 'I’m a human"


Lol I can totally picture that in my head right now and it’s awesome!