Alex Jones Vs The NPC videogame


When I use to be an electrician we used plans every job almost.

A lot of commercial buildings in Houston & night clubs.


We do the same thing in East Texas. Most of the time when I build something I just have a vision in my head of what I want it to look like. Once in awhile I may make a rough sketch on a piece of notebook paper but that’s about it.
Ans most of the time people don’t have a clue what I’m building because they can’t see it in their head.
But when it’s finished It’s funny to watch the light bulb finally come on in there head! lol


Lol yeah my family was like " wtf"…?

I making dinner walking around with the video blaring


Hahaha! That’s why you’re awesome! Lol

My business just deals with division 10 toilet partitions and accessories, fire extinguishers, lockers, etc. So I have to wonder why it’s so hard to draw plans that show me what material and accessories you want in the dang restrooms? Lol I figure they probably didn’t become architects to draw up restroom plans so they don’t put much care into that part.


Lmao that’s funny.

What did you go to collage for?

Oh nothing I design bathroom petitions & accessories. I pimp out the poopers…!


Lmao! :joy::joy::joy:

I didn’t even go to college and I feel like I could do a way better job drawing up the dang restroom plans! Lol


And that’s why your awesome Betty.!

You rock…!:metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal:


Lol thank you :blush::sparkling_heart: I know I’m awesome… jk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Remember I’m taking you deer hunting girly…! :bow_and_arrow::deer:

We’ll see how awesome you really are.


Thanks I had been looking for this.


@OwenShroyer Has to be a clone of AJ look at the regemblance!


This is great, I love this videogame.


Thanks for sharing this video StovePipe.


It’s even funnier when you miss on the ax. A few other quotes in there.

Here’s the game, for those that wish not to patronize ScrewTube:


That is Cute :smiley:


If anybody is as non-technical as me…here is the link! Play the game now!
THIS GAME IS FREE TO PLAY. FOLLOW THIS LINK TO PLAY IT.… Alternative Link: The Stringini Bros T-shirts for Sale.… The Stringini Bros want to acknowledge the ongoing contributions of the next generation of Stringini Bros to this project: Derrick Stringini designed and assisted in the art for Alex Jones vs The NPC’s “NPC Human converts” (background character heads) His Channel is “Derrick Stringini”… One more thing… We have a Discord channel. Feel free to visit it if you like. Here is the instant invite link.



This dude Cody tweeted me this yesterday that he made. Great work.