Alex says, "...get your battle rifles ready by your bedside..."


Alex says, “…get your battle rifles ready by your bedside…” in late August 2018.

Then enforcement arrests us in our beds sleeping alone naked with in a week or two.
Then detained on false charges, charges relating to trespassing, conspiracy, or being with family.
Then tortured in high security detention through the election while your property is sold away.
Then punished in state facilities detained for months with dismissed charges.
Then medically harassed with inpatient mental health drugs or ongoing outpatient appointments.
Then the false charges get brought back up and told you missed court dates you did not in March.

Never given the right to reasonable bail.
Never given the right to a speedy trial.
Never given the right to be free from government harassment.

Our US citizen children never given the easy right to even know if their parents are alive.

Are we really winning?


AND Roger has a gag order with the court harassment? End justice department funding Trump! We can not take the lethal dose.


No we lost a long time ago, and the entire conservative movement was a managed project designed to ensure we lose. The conservatives are the Washington Generals of politics.

They cooked up the alt-identity related crap to see if they could redirect us into safe hate politics… which didn’t work, turns out we’re not racist enough. I mean they brought out hardcore black hate groups, working with white groups, to see if they can enlist us in their globalist approved bullshit.

The slop just doesn’t sell anymore, and instead of winning by opposing our true enemies, they prefer to go down losing conserving something that hates us. There is no such thing as conserving in politics, there never was, which is why they always lose. We move in the direction of those who don’t conserve, and they know it, they know everything I’m saying is correct.


That was priceless cyberpunkspike.

We are AT WAR until you can say your kids or the children in your extended family are racing sail boats off your private dock on your private property against the neighbor kids before dinner harvested from the victory garden instead of suffering from government abuse!

End federal funding to harmful state services.


We need to correct ourselves now, please stop demanding policy as if we have the capability to get it, no amount of activism will get us self-governance. Our enemies are not the other set of outer party citizens, it is those who keep us outside.


I can still remember the time when I experienced the most self-governance. It was when I was able to return to nature away from any other decision makers in what I was provided.


Look man, I’m not here to convince you that living in a society is best for you. I respect each and every person’s choice on that matter, but can we leave calls of abandonment at someplace not meant to be “the tip of the spear”? I’m just saying, you don’t need fight an entire empire to get what your talking about.

We have working people in this country that have been disrespected, treated like disposable commodities, and left for the dustbin of history. The same people who pay for almost everything, do almost everything, and are the backbone of our society. I want our seat present at the table, the place where policy and platform is being decided.

We don’t need to run the whole show, we want our interests considered just as others are considered within in our society. The interests of tech-companies are considered, the interests of the military-industrial complex are considered, the interests of totalitarian universities are considered… and I say ours should be considered. So when someone floats the BS plan “so we’ll turn half the country into a festering pile a of rust”… or “so we’ll eliminate free-speech everywhere that matters today, and piss on American values”… or “so we’ll bring in half the third world into our society” We say, “the F’CK you will”. So that the people’s voice is clear, the people’s will undeniable, and the thought of disregarding it would bring fear into the hearts of our enemies.


The peoples’ voice is intentionally distorted by establishment “tech giants” but even more distorted by those that misuse our technology, justice system, health system, and media infrastructure to harm us or violate our privacy.

Alex is saying he has information that shows we are winning that he is not able to release yet. I am not fighting an empire personally but in my personal life it seems I have been abused by our government more in the last year than ever before and I am still recovering while I continue to be harassed by those paid by our public funds. The BODEASE does help with inflammation and digestive system problems from the forced drugs, isolation abuse, malnutrition, and the rest but we need some major wins to just keep us alive at this point in the battle.


What are you talking about & how is this activism?


When we use vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change online and in person, we are stolen from our beds! Alex called it and that is why they focus on this topic every day even though it was August last year.

But this is not all activists…

Anyone that is involved in harm to our nation instead of the InfoWar gets no government harassment and if they do they are detained for a couple days or so while the scream satan in a living module and bang their head against the walls until they bleed all over their face all hours of the day and night. All this but they will never spend months in mental health facilities because our tax payer funded state institutions are not there to help the mental health of others.


Is this some future you’re envisioning?


No silly, this already happened. Alex said it and then about a week or two after it happened to many innocent, great, mostly fathers. It is “history.”

  1. Really, Alex was right all along. The Communo-Dems and the Fake-out Gop have done it again by voting out the National Emergency.
  2. I hope everyone here is armed.
  3. Does anyone remember what happened in this country over 200 years ago when the Founding Fathers stuck a rifle up the A-s of the money class?
  4. Well then, it is time again, hope you’re ready.


Happened to who exactly?