Alex says Trump is bought


Hey guys.

Yea, I am getting fed up of Alex acting like Trump is anti-American because ‘wahhh’ Alex was banned, then states Trump is bought but Alex is NOT? Yea bullshit. Alex is as bought as Joe Rogan, his best buddy, is. He states over and over again how he isn’t bought but anyone with 1 brain cell would know he is. Any person in this world who has gone against anyone in government to state one thing Alex has, has been murdered. But Alex? Naw he’s allowed to live, he is somehow unkillable…Right? Bs. Look I listen to everyone on Infowars and like David Knight a lot, but don’t force this bs down everyones throats to make all your listeners ‘anti-Trump.’ Who are you pushing for to win 2020? A commie? Someone your masters want to win? Trump is making America great, daily, He is one man he can only do so much. You’re supposed to be smart yet assume he has all the power in the world? Foolish. If you puppets keep bashing Trump, you will loose listeners. Go promote some democrat socialist, that is exactly what you are pushing.

Btw, for people who state ‘you always tell the truth,’ you ALWAYS fail to mention the ‘jews’ who were involved in 9/11 including Larry Silverstein who owned the twin towers and made around 8 billion per tower when he got them insured a few months before they were brought down, or the dancing israelis, or netanyahu who stated in his book that 9/11 was going to happen back in 1995. Yes, you are all bought off by some ‘jew’ but because Alex’s kids are jewish as is his ex-wife he will never name the jew. Soros is a jew and funds ISrael. He gives Israel money. You are wrong about him. Many of the caravans bringing immigrants to America had israeli flags on them. I suggest your listeners to not just simply believe everything you say is true and do their own research. Not everything in this world is Chinas fault. As for Hillary and Obama, they are puppets, nothing more. They do NOT control anything. They do what their masters tell them to do, and more than likely their masters are jewish.

DO I need to continue?..STOP BASHING TRUMP you are sounding like Joe Rogan. Keep pushing people to hate Trump and you will be the only one hated.


It’s very hard to support a president who banned bumpstocks and allowed red flag laws.