#Alexjones and Infowars Almost ALWAYS Accurate and Right. Amazing


Almost EVERYTHING Alex and the Infowars Crew reports and analysis, always happens! Yup. Tomorrows News Today!
Take it to the Bank.


I first heard about Alex in 2000 I was turned onto his “POLICE STATE 2000” video which is very good!
A guy who was working at local FOX affiliate gave it to me.
He and a few others that were working there knew about Alex and other things.


End game is a good one to check out. Another one that’s good but wasn’t done by Jones is wolf in sheep’s clothing it’s about Saul Alinsky.


As much as I agree with IW quality of reporting in the grand spectrum as it proves accurate over and over and over again, to be fair Alex isn’t always right, and there is a couple issues I would or have contested him on. This being said his track record is among the very best in media.


I had seen that one as well. Just watched it again a few months ago