Alex's Broadcast From Today!


Check this BS out…THIS is EXACTLY what Alex was talking about today…#Unbelievable


Notice the WARNING: Be careful…And The “STOP” Sign that these pieces of crap at Google is adding to the email.


Between the Killswitch revelations and the pedophile indoctrination of children with sex Ed and masterbation on today’s show… My brain hurts and my stomach is turning… what in the world :pensive: our youth and our freedom are completely under attack :rage: how can we win this… Everything is infiltrated… I pray that God stops this soon!! I will fight every moment for the children but it’s getting ridiculous… It’s deep and wide at this point!!! We are a few grasshoppers against a whole huge army of poisonous ants!!! :pensive::expressionless:


I TOTALLY GET IT! When @OwenShroyer talked about it a day or so ago…It made me sick too…Just as it did Owen.

I KNOW this needs to be reported on …but It’s disgusting to have to hear too! Amen Sister!


I have to say, I saw a very sincere and genuine side to Alex today when he was discussing the disgusting child/pedophile abuse on the show… If for no other reason, I do highly respect him for fighting for the children!! That changed my view of him in a major way today. I mean I am glad he does what he does and I’m glad for the opportunity Infowars represents but today seeing his heart hurt and the rage he feels for the topic of pedophilia, that was moving to me!!


I saw the same thing with him regarding the little girl in Houston who was killed by the gang bangers recently.


I know right? I watched the broadcast and just kept making me angrier and angrier. Who in the hell do these people think they are!!! This was one of the most powerful broadcasts I have ever seen Alex do!!!


I loved that. We all should be shocked and angry at what is going one with the rampant spread of pedophilia and sexualization of children


I agree with you not only was he sincere and genuine but also deeply moved in his heart when he made this report. When it comes to the children he is always very passionate in his reporting!
Not many people know this but he donated 100,000.00 last year to the foundation that Chris Sawyer (The Sawman) started to go out and rescue children from the child sex traffickers.
The name of the organization is “Vets For Child Rescue”.


I am extremely angry about this but I have to say it makes me sick to see what is being tolerated in our society today!!
The people that perpetrate this type of crime should be given NO QUARTER AND NO MERCY!!!


This is the beginning of our hot civil war, please be safe, prep the best you can and get training if you need to. We will need medics to help, and Mum’s to patch us up.
Yes we may be few and yes we may perish in this fight, however I would rather die standing rather than on my knees as a slave.
Time is drawing closer that we will have no choice but to fight, the Elites do not expect much resistance from the US population, perhaps a few million of us are truly awake to what is going on here, and perhaps a few 100 thousand will fight 1st and die, maybe that will awaken our brothers and sisters from their slumber, however they have been dumbed down to the point of literal bugs.

Let us pray brothers and sisters,

Be calm in the face of Evil, and Evil the doers, with those that wish to do us harm, with those who would be willing to take our speech an guns away, for our Lord will not forsake us, for we are his children and for which we will fight for him, both peacefully and with arms if need be…


I certainly pray that this doesn’t come this fast…But with this recent situation with #Google…That Alex is talking about today…It VERY well could be upon us!


Almost everything Alex has talked about has come to fruition in close proximity of his time frames, and if he is right about this then what choice will we have?

It’s very sad to see what has been allowed to grow here in our Western World, a cancer that is spreading with no slowing down, with the attacks on Normal people that just want to live and let live.

We had a chance and we got Trump into office, when they realized we had used their systems to get him elected, and the fact that social media moves so fast, from one point to another in the Western world they have come to put the toothepaste back into the tube.

I have lost most of my friends for my beliefs and my support for Alex, those that remain that are awake are truly terrified, those that think Drudge will never go anywhere are mistaken, and their panicking will be epic when Drudge is taken down.

It will be up to us that are still breathing to spread this information through other means, for if the Internet gets this censored we will have to use the pen, and perhaps a sword.


I knew a decade ago that the public school System would be corrupted… I knew then that it was my responsibility and duty to raise my child and teach him everything. Now I have two children. It’s not easy and I know that it’s not possible for all families, but the ones who can, should homeschool their children. It’s all about priorities. I think it is more important to downsize spending and bills to be able to afford for the children to have a parent home to take on that responsibility. My children are more important to me than anything else in this world. Unfortunately alot of people don’t understand that having the latest and greatest tech or an awesome vehicle or Netflix and “toys” are definitely not priorities when comparing having the money for those things vs teaching your children instead of sending them off daily to public schools (aka citizen factories) :pensive:


I’ve been looking for an excuse to exercise my cursive founders style. 1776 in the face. Ya baby


I feel ya. Due to our situation my kid had to enter public (common core) school. I told him, and I maintain " public school is to learn to deal with ads holes". I teach him math, civics, and reading/ writing at home along with as much history as he can stand lol.


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