An apalling piece on what actual communism looks like!


Who thinks the left allowed all of the factories to come back and didnt fight Trump on creating manufactoring jobs, so in case they were successful with the ousting of Trump they had the infrastructure in place to create these labor camps here if they were to get back into power by coup? I am thinking this is what Fox Comm in Wisconsin maybe? Discuss.


If that were the case, they wouldn’t have gotten rid of manufacturing in the first place. Startup capital just isn’t worth it.


The only reason I think about this, is because a leopard rarely changes its spots, Fox Comm in China uses Slave labor!

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Obviously one of the objectives of a profit-making organization (and even a non-profit, for that matter) is to minimize the cost of expenses. Labor’s a big one. And given the topic, there are also psychological expenses surrounded what expenses you do or don’t take on.

At the end of the day, you have three groups of consumers: Those who take the lowest price, those who are brand loyal, and those who weigh value for money. Companies who go to China for production are, for the most part, clearly targeting group 1. I can’t think of too many companies outside of Apple that target group 2, just in case there was any question there. And if people buy, they’ll continue to sell.

I have always been of the belief that we’ve been shooting ourselves in the foot over labor ever since the Industrial Revolution, when the concept of a wage floor was introduced. This doesn’t mean that I’m advocating for slave labor or overworked/underpaid conditions (the aforementioned psychological expenses will take care of that), but we really do need to become more competitive if we want to win production. Start with lowering the cost of living. All these people pushing for higher wages are buying into the call for inflation, which creates the same problem (perhaps worse) with larger numbers.


Lower the cost of living? You mean accept less? Like live in a 10 x10 coffin apartment, we get meat on Tuesdays, soylent green the rest of the week, so that about covers Globalism.
We cant excape it, its coming no matter what?

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Another reason to love Communism…Evil Ideology.

God Bless the Falung Gong, may they realize that God wants them defend themselves, not to be led to slaughter.


I limit the amount of Communist Made crap,regardless of where it is made.

Communism always goes down this road, 59 million Chinese died in 1954 during the great leap forward.

I will not obey anyone who dares to force me into slavery, and into this Ideology. Even if the USA goes down this road, I will use my guns, even if that means I die in the process.
My soul belongs to myself and to God, I will not go away silently, nor will I submit to any Leftist Cop ever again.
There are people like me in here that are ready for the physical fight, each day that Trump does not enact the Insurrection Act or empower our Military to close our Border, enforce our laws over the 14 States that have become treasonous by allowing Sanctuary to these people. The closer we get to a Civil War.


That doesn’t decrease the cost of living. I’m saying, instead of paying $3 for a gallon of milk, paying $2 for a gallon. You’re talking about paying $2 for 3 quarts. Or how about buying a house for five figures instead of seven?

Some deflation would be good.

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