'Anarchist Extremists' In The FBI's Crosshairs - Antifa Groups 'Increasing Risk Of Armed Conflict,' According To FBI Phoenix Document



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High five to the Phoenix FBI from Captain Obvious!

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No way I believe this, Rob_Roy. The FBI only attacks Whites right of ANTIFA. ANTIFA has “Qualified immunity.”

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I thought the same thing… More like they are keeping track of thier foot soldiers

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Sure that’s what happens when you’re “Operating Under Control.”

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The report is essentially an “intelligence gathering” report. HUMINT and open source. Intelligence Gathering is the furthest they can go on ANTIFA. However, if you’re White and not part of ANTIFA and BLF, you’re free game. What about the Qualified and Political immunity ANTIFA and BLF (Border Liberation Front) have? Sounds more like Political Policing, if you ask me.

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Spill the beans FBI…Let’s see some other “Brick Wall Action” Intelligence Gathering Unclassified/For Official Use Only reports on these groups.