Another FLU Shot Mishap



Too many mistakes with them lately.


I saw that. Total travesty. Wishing him well


I’ve never had a flu shot, never will. In my opinion if they were good for us, they wouldn’t be pushed like they are.


:pensive: oh no!! That’s awful!!


I used to have an article saved from a mit scientist that broke down how flu shots were total crap. The strains of flu in the shots rarely ever match the flu in the current iteration so they are useless in preventing it and at the worst they can kill you. So it’s either doing nothing or harm


I try to constantly tell family members about this but they don’t listen. Horse to water etc etc


Same here…they look at me like I’m crazy lol


Kind of or destiny right? Lol when you research and are informed you’re a kook. It’s cool to be uninformed


You can lead a horse to water…Or whatever that saying is :laughing:


I think I’d rather take my chance with the flu…I’m a hermit with my lil hermit family and we all have God’s amazing herbal medicines for immunity strength and support… Just say no to pharma!! :dizzy_face:


You can show a flouoride zombie facts but you can’t make them think. Lol


Main stream medicine would be funny if it weren’t so harmful lol for instance god made a mistake and didn’t put enough fluoride in our bodies so we have to put it in the water :man_facepalming:


I took a survey hours ago, and it was about Dengue here in the Philippines and it suggested whether I was willing to take a vaccine, of course I would never, especially after that fiasco where those who took it died. Although, the government already said their sorrys and the big pharmas have claimed to “improve” on their formula to ensure the safety of the “consumer” (not patient, because money is always involved).

It also asked what my income was, and I put in the lowest to see if my hunch was correct, and yes, the ones who are making these vaccines are targeting poor people. (This was an automated survey that was emailed to me, if I answered differently, it would’ve just ended it)

So even if you were rich enough to take the best vaccines that are truly safe for humans, just remember that human guinea pigs who have low income died for it.