Anybody else unable to stream David knight through the Infowars app right now?


Infowars app isn’t working for me this morning anyone else having this problem?


I was unable to stream The Alex Jones Show or The David Knight Show from the Infowars Official app, but The War Room worked fine. Also the Infowars Live app was also cutting out as well. I was having the problem from about midnight CA time through 04:30 AM. I haven’t tried it again this morning when today’s David Knight came on. I work graveyard shift to 8AM his show starts at 6AM here.


Yup war room works for me as well


I’m reading David Knight loud and clear.


Yes, I’ve been encountering that for about a week or so, the AJ show + Knight show video either don’t work, or I get nothing…


It’s working for me :thinking::+1:


I had the issue. missed the first 20m of DK’s Show.


Looks like today is a repeat. Streaming off Infowars website works fine just kills my battery faster


I haven’t been able to listen to David Knight or Alex Jones for 2 days on the app @zimmermann


I confirm as well all 3 streams on the IW app aren’t working. Since yesterday. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Still same. @zimmermann @OwenShroyer


Greetings, I have also not been able to tune into the Broadcasts since yesterday morning all of a sudden, even though it’s worked for months before that with no problems.


Same here. And I’m stuck listening to liberal talking points right now. :scream:


It’s working for me :thinking::thinking:


No , nothing is working… only war room.


We changed the video streams to deliver multiple bitrates depending on your connection speed which has made a big difference with the streaming on the site. We’re looking into the issues with the app now but I am glad the website is working well for you on mobile.

Uninstalling app!

Radionomy works for live Real news.


Working fine for me…


All 3 shows are working fine for me :thinking: …sorry you all are having issues because the app is so great!!


None of the shows have worked for me with the app the past 2 days.


I have to go to FB for Real News & The Warroom & i go to @Rongibson for live streams which sends me to twitch. I always have to chase infowars sreams.