Anybody else unable to stream David knight through the Infowars app right now?


Feels like a third party stopped supporting it. It’s a huge data drain to stream from Infowars with video but all of the “listen” downloads don’t work after downloading them. Somebody is making us pay to listen. War of attrition. They need to fix the audio only shows quick


She’s firing on all cylinders now!


Or make a audio only option button to save on bandwidth.

We all have too rationalize and justify spending what we can at the store in a more focused way.

Its not hiberbali that it makes a difference…

But they also have the maintain and upgrade what tech they put out also.

My app still doesn’t work, no David or Alex…

I listen too Alex on talk stream live…

I listen to David on radio public…

I listen to Owen on Infowars app(his works for some Reason).

It’s frustrating, I enjoy watching and listening live.


Are you on iPhone or Android? We are aware of some Android issues that we are working on fixing


Have the android issues been addressed?


Yes, we releases an update on Monday that fixed the android issues people were encountering. We are still working on new improvements as well.


Today was the first day I was able to steam audio only from the app, haven’t been able to for a couple of months
I just my old fashioned Free Speech back and maybe a gun


Thank you! Will look for update now!


I am on Android. I’ll look for the update


It works! Thanks. How do you turn off video?


On front page of app, scroll to top, then at bottom choose settings, then Enable - On, Only On WiFi - On, Allow Audio in Background - On. Because of previous problems with app I had Only on WiFi - Off and listened to audio only and it used 16GB data in 6 days. Alex is nuts to assume everyone has unlimited data.


I was having issues yesterday but it’s all working today