Anyone in idaho? Lets get active!


Hello everyone…I’m new here.
I’m hoping to find people that are in the idaho area.
I’ve been censored online for so long that I’m sick of it so we need to get something going…if you want to get together, I’m in the idaho falls area. Let me know if you’re interested :us:


Craig Mason of Reasonable is in Idaho, I believe. He makes red-pilling videos on a variety of topics, breaking news, some philosophy. He is a fan of Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones.


Thanks bro…
We need to get more into this stuff here…
If you or anyone would like to get a hold of me, message me on Twitter :sunglasses:


I live in the Panhandle and would like to network out to other more local Infowarriors. I’m gone working in the oil patch 17 days out of each month but would like to red pill locals on a variety of topics, 5G, election fraud, and censorship. All of us need to get more involved locally as the coastal onslaught has begun. Just look at Ada county (Boise) and the city of Sandpoint up by where I live. If we don’t stand up to these socialist scum bags who will? The time is now!


Good luck. I hope you find a good group.


Here are an item circulating in Idaho. These are printed onto postcards. Can be made mail ready or for personal delivery.

The reverse is postcard format with address line, stamp placement and the descriptor.

Idaho, The world’s foremost source for Prophet
Mohammed caricatures. “Dirty Moham Ramadan”


And another, Playbill style on back. Idaho Reality Theater presents

Idaho Reality Theater presents
Prologue: A time when traitors, freaks and perverts
were in the closet.
Scene 1: Adhan (call to prayer).
Scene 2: Watch in resigned consternation as those
who choose to retain millenia of culture
and breeding are persecuted and
murdered by traitors, freaks and perverts.
Scene 3: Witness the fun and hilarity of the
exploitation and Rotherham style grooming
of your daughters.
Scene 4: Sit on your hands as the average IQ drops
and the electricity goes out.
Scene 5: Cover your eyes as the auditorium fills with
orcs who demand to take your place,
then pee on the floor.
Scene 6: Murmur quietly as time passes, orcs take
the majority of seats, excrement fills the
aisles and you can no longer stand the
cultural enrichment.
Admission requires inaction
Exiting only for those who grow a spine
now playing in Boise and Twin Falls
Spreading to your venue soon
brought to you by: world relief spokane and the
progressive left, regressing the west to the
dark ages and beyond


I think I saw a poster for it in my hometown :joy:


This one is aimed at Chobani Yogurt in Twin Falls. Again, these are easily printed as flyers or postcards. The Otter on Hamdi Ulukaya’s shoulder represents past Idaho Gov. Butch Otter along with the shape of the State of Idaho. Camel flavor anyone?



Meaningful activism in Idaho can be done through the Idaho Republican Party. That is not to say there arent plenty of cucks in the IRP, but there are more and more hard core patriots there all the time. North Idaho is a hotbed and it spreading to southern Idaho. The Precinct Committeeman of your county Republican Party is a great place to start. It is an elected or appointed position in your voting precinct. Take a look at the CDA press article i posted below.