ArtsyNeva Interviews Trump Hater in Downtown Denver


Okay its my first interview. So dont laugh.
At the end of the video theres a hat on the ground asking for money.

  1. I think there is a “red pill” bonus in there at the end. Looks like you got lucky on the first one.
  2. Maybe your luck will continue, if things don’t turn out great on every one, no big deal, chalk it up to learning, maybe post it anyway so we see it coming.

Thank You.Keyrobinfo 18, I hope I redpilled somebody.



Excellent job Artsyneva. Baby steps lead to big ones. Can’t wait till I give this a try, maybe soon.


Good Job, well done. Look out for the ones tripping on shrooms in Denver…


@Artsyneva for president 2024!

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Its funny you say that it reminds me of “Well he didnt trip” (Joke), but as I was walking around the corner to my next bus stop and I saw one of the guys that was with that girl I interviewed, in a fight with another guy they were both on the ground and the dog was barking at them. It was a pretty big deal. I didnt see what started the fight. I thought maybe a guy walking by might have said something about the Hate Trump sign. Then one of the guys with the girl with the hate Trump sign yelled to him.“Get the F out of here”.