Barack Obama's Brother Has A Question About Big Mike


Now this is some funny shit!!!

This is Barack’s brother’s verified Twitter account…:rofl:


Seriously though, has anybody found any pictures of her while she was pregnant? The only one I can find is just this one. They both look kinda old for it supposedly being taken in 1998 or 2001.

I have also found this one from May of 1998 which would have made Michelle 7 months pregnant when the picture was taken. Their firstborn was born July of 1998. I cant really tell if she looks 7 months pregnant or not.


Big Mike did not give birth to those girls. The parents of Malia and Sasha are well known now. They are Dr. Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt. They traveled everywhere with the Obamas when the daughters were in tow.

The likenesses are undeniable!!!


Wonder how she really died…


Obama had her snuffed out…100 percent sure!!!


Then they tried to make her apologize.

Then she dies and they admit it was preventable. Crazy world


Im not even trying to be mean or offensive or anything. I legitimately believe Michelle is a guy. The missing pregnancy photos sealed the deal for me. How are there virtually zero pictures of her pregnant? It doesn’t make sense.


This sealed it for me!!!


Wow :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:




I can’t believe this!

Can’t believe this post hasn’t featured more heavily on the site either (I missed it)!


I’m almost certain this is all being done in good humor, right?

It seems pretty clear that Michelle Obama is a woman…

Look at these childhood photos of her.


Maybe they made her wear something that created the “bulge” in the genital area just to make people say things that they could use later as ammo against “conspiracy theorists”. Maybe they, together with this, instructed Barack to “accidentally” call her “Michael”.

They had to have INTENTIONALLY put the fake birth certificate out there in order for those focused on details to find them so that they could ridicule their findings as “ridiculous” to the mindless masses (the majority, who hold sway by their sheer numbers).
There’s no way they didn’t understand what they were doing with the birth certificate.
So why should we believe these little details weren’t “planted” to make us say things that would make us look foolish?


Dude you can believe what you want to but, Big Mike Obama is a dude, dude, dude!!!

Is there something we missed?

Do we need to talk some more?


Look at those childhood photos! Looks like a girl to me!


Listen, I could be wrong, but it seems a bit much. Examining the rest of her photos from earlier in her life, she maintains her femininity as she reaches adolescence.


Is she a bit manly? Sure, but she’s not the only manly lady.


You have no idea what you are looking at?

I respect you but, you do not have a clue!!!


She/he could been a Hermaphrodite or have a twin…


LOL I understand you man. Like I said, I could be wrong!


:thinking: Another legitimate possibility to consider.


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