Before you arrest Barry Soetoro, his truth must be known


Political science demands that the curtain must be be pulled from Lord Zero to reveal who is behind the curtain, Barry Soetoro. Barack H Obama is a fictional character and the truth of this character’s origin must be first revealed before you take him down, less you make Zero a martyr for the Globalist resistance. Those who have paid attention know much of the truth already, the fake news media ran cover for this CIA op and also tossed out red herrings like the obvious fraud birth certificates as well as ghosting Barry’s elders. Declassify the entire file, remove the illusion of the great Lord Zero. Only then can the man Barry Soetoro stand trial for his crimes.


I suspect he will cry in public for sympathy. Crocodile tears. Lord have mercy on his soul and be gracious to his innocent family members (if there are any).


you can bet on that, anything to cast him in the light of a victim. I agree with Owen Shroyer he could be the next candidate for the Clinton body count, the next Ron Brown or Ambassador Stevens. His SS detail should be hyper vigilantm although they would be the ones getting the side graft from Soros to do the the hit.


Ah, the old ploy of destroying a man’s reputation before you destroy the man. That doesn’t really work in the polarized state we are today. No matter the evidence, no matter the pleas, there will be a large group of people that will support Obama without question, and a large group of people that want him on the gallows in the next few minutes. The country is already segmented. Civil war is inevitable. WWIII is not fought between countries, but between ideologies.


it’s a polarized country and the left has no morals so they know not shame, this is true. The silent majority in the middle however have no beliefs or deep political knowlege. They know a guy supposedly named Barak Obama was president, they know nothing of “Bath house Barry” the coke dealing foreign exchange student. Us infowarriors do, we are the most informed people in the country. Those people in the soft middle need to be educated about the illegitimate fraud that was the Barak Obama presidency. Otherwise his future trip down a short rope will appear to be petty partisan politics. You can’t send a former president to the gallows, it must be shown and made clear, Barry Soetoro was a fraud imposter who illegitimately held the title of President of the United States. In this manner, his title of former President becomes yet another one of his acts - of treason and not a shield against procecution.


One thing I’ve found, with said silent majority in the middle, is that they gather all facts and make a decision from there. They understand that an arrest/indictment is not a conviction. They will listen to a trial, assuming it is public as is guaranteed by the 6th amendment (which is why I don’t see why cameras would not be permitted in a courtroom barring classified information). A trial is meant to reveal this sort of information, as character is relevant to the crimes being accused. So why not have it all come out then?


His history and past crimes have little to do with his 8 years of Treason. CNN will tell the masses his arrest and trial are a partisan political exercise of spite and jealousy. The petulant, evil, Orange man is so filled with jealousy of the Archangel St. Barack Hussein Obama that he is procecuting him for a political thrill, that will be the MSM message. Lord Zero must be dragged through his trail of mud first, so is no longer a sympathetic figure, but a pariah.


Except they’re going to do that even if all the facts are in plain sight. Don’t worry about CNN.


Knowing the truth about Barry extends to his husband Big Mike as well…lest we forget!!!


True, it should be revealed, but not in a way that appears to be mean or shallow. I am guilty of making it a meme and a joke as an apparatus to get the truth out there, but in revealing Mike & Barry as the frauds they are, it should be handled more sterile and somber. Reavealing Mike as who he really is however does lend to the modus operandi of the “Obama” charade.


You sound trained in warfare

I won’t join in any violent thoughts here but what God does He does. I have no control over God’s sovereign justice! THANK GOD!


Barry looks dumb in his cheap sunglasses!


Podesta will be on that too. He ordered the death of judge Anthony Scalia.



What a wise statement! Prudent and wise. When they go low, we trust God!

People need to hear that it is never too late to improve your life. I have watched hundreds turn their lives around for the better, despite the most horrific experiences or crimes against them. Life can be redeemed and Americans need to hear this Good News! We need to encourage the downtrodden and those who are truly repentant.

I have to be honest and do not believe that Barry is repentant or his team even. I have not seen any remorse, heard any apologies or requests for forgiveness. I only hear prideful defense and most of us know that pride comes before the fall.