Biblical Christianity is the truth and agnostic/atheism is satanic


Alright thanks for clarifying.


@Paladin You already know I don’t agree with fanatics. I was just merely suggesting being better than the fanatic or you risk looking like an opposing fanatic. I wouldn’t presume to say those types of things because that’s a sure way to turn people off to the Gospel. I do however sympathize with their plight. They are trying to get a message across. Some people have a hard time delivering the message and understanding its a choice.


@nwenglarz exactly. You said it beautifully!


Looking like an opposing fanatic would mean I would be threatening some kind of penalty for not being an agnostic or atheist. If you’ve not noticed, my graphic posts have been making fun of the OP. How can you possibly have a sensible debate with someone who sounds like they make their living taking donations ranting on the street corner?


If you can’t have a sensible debate, why try? Its not positively conducive to mock and jeer at the topic unless your mission is just to show distain in opposition.


@BeautifullyChaotic wouldn’t you show disdain if you’re always being addressed as a hell bound Satanist? If on the other hand he just spammed with links to the murderous activities of Catholics and Christians throughout history and lumped us all together?

I’d rather show him through solidarity that God loves not that we are judging salvation? Biblically I am justified in judging character which I do often because it’s shown through words and actions. However salvation isn’t judged until death so I’d rather show him God loves him by not belittling his current position.

I should mention there is great value in those who don’t believe. From my experience they are more willing to do things Christians won’t do which is absolutely needed. Id rather have a fighter who doesn’t believe next to me than a believer who won’t fight back.


@BeautifullyChaotic Why are you not criticizing the OP I wonder? @nwenglarz I don’t have anything against peaceful Christian patriots, who I’d like to believe are the majority. However, I should be able to criticize religion and Christianity in particular if people are posting distorted versions of history. I shouldn’t be attacked as a Satan worshipper because of that. It just seems there is a vocal Christian Fundamentalist minority on this forum that actually believes in what the OP believes.

This is what’s important, and I made a topic about this. Stop the whining about those who don’t believe what you do, because when the shit hits the fan, you won’t be asking the guy covering your ass what his views are on religion. You’ll be thanking god he’s there beside you, and that’s all matters.


First, this is the original poster’s post. He has a right to post things that he believes. Second, I was just pointing out to you (Paladin) that there is a better way to oppose someone that doesn’t involve a huge amount of negativity unless that is your goal. Third, I don’t let things get to me (to the point of showing disdain) because I function under the understanding that no matter what I believe, everyone else is entitled to their own beliefs or lack of. I have already had conversations with Paladin about that subject. I happen to (mostly not entirely) agree with what’s in this post. I don’t agree with the delivery of these ideas or beliefs but that’s not my call and not my post. I just get tired of seeing all the drama. The world already has enough. But alas, I am not here to argue with anyone. You all can do what you think is best and I’ll just sit back and watch as you try to force your views across and the drama escalates. Beyond that, I just wanted to help. I’ll make a mental note to just enjoy the show next time. Ce La Vie.


WTF are you even talking about? I posted a couple of funny graphics. Where are you getting that I was “hugely negative”? The worst I said is the topic is stupid, which it is. Why not criticize the OP for being a fascist? Seems like that would be more reasonable.


Nevermind. That obviously went way over your head. Carry on and forget I even mentioned the alternative. And by the way I saw no humor in your photos. Just saying.


I think that was done before… :thinking:


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@MamaPotato please don’t quote me as apart of your vendetta. I’d appreciate that tremendously. Also, how are ya’ll doing the quote thing. I haven’t figured that out yet.


@BeautifullyChaotic honey I was just laughing at what you said but ok then. As far as quoting, just highlight the other user’s post and then option should pop up. :+1::wink:


Me neither…I’d like to know how too.


@MamaPotato I get that you were laughing but I really don’t find that funny. And I have seen your tag pop up multiple times in the middle of a lot of drama. Granted I see you trying to be subtle mostly but you don’t get that you antagonize people with your posting as well. I try to stick to a rule of forum, if you don’t add constructively to a conversation, then you are causing strife. Don’t be that person. Just don’t…

oh and thank you for the info as far as the quoting. that did help a lot.

Public Apology Time

Ok let’s see how this goes…

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To the Original post, by my opinion All Religions are in fact a form of “Satanism” or better Blasphemy unto Humanity. I am only sharing this as a consideration. I am open to discuss rather then argue, also I provide reference to “words” I have already “written” that “speak” to the same. thanks.


@BeautifullyChaotic ok honey, duly noted. :+1: I get what your saying and you’re probably right… It’s all good. I do my best to ignore the idiocy, but sometimes just can’t help myself… It’s too easy to fall into that trap of response…But it’s whatever. I commend you for your observations :wink::+1:


it is easy, that’s why you end up being the stronger person by not responding. and I hope I did the quote thing right. here goes nothing…

neat. that will make this a lot easier to respond to others! thanks again!