Biblical Christianity is the truth and agnostic/atheism is satanic


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@MamaPotato I know it has happened before. But this was a different thread and I’m really trying to keep things in the threads they come from. In this thread the issue was the immediate judgment of those who don’t believe as satanic or basically being on Satan’s side. I’m just really trying to get folks to see that judging character is the only accurate form of judgments. However judging beliefs isn’t productive in my opinion. I’ve never brought anyone to God by first judging their beliefs and it’s this that I’m hoping to get across.

I know with Joey I’m very agressive now and it wouldn’t be that way if he would both apologize and change how he does things since noone likes being taken out of context. It’s like talking to CNN but in the infocomms instead. Peace and active planning is what I hope to see eventually


I have come to realize if we watch TV we are making a satanic sacrifice. All this technology today is satanic… and is sorcery. Maybe God is attacking what we think is normal today. If we are going to call things satanic… let’s make a list.

Internet is satanic.


I wholeheartedly agree in this way.


The OP is calling non-believers Satanists. That’s pretty F’ing offensive IMO.


I have not watched TV for over a life time, I can tell you by FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE it’s A very GOOD thing to do, You will literally notice a Change in your thinking and comprehension and coherence with in a short time!

I agree in this way.

All things are by the Hand of humanity or man, Consider all things that are Blasphemy unto Humanity are by the hand of Men and Satanism, Man’s Law, Religion, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Voodoo or what ever else require indoctrination and ritual, that is literally relies and depends on some fashion of mental instability, illness and vulnerability when considered bio-metrically, Physiologically and neurologically, The source of all things, Our minds and perceptions.

Example of what I mean…

Replaced with the script, scroll, book, Internet and cell phone. Nearly every Convenience you can consider today functions in it’s way to Keep us from OUR true ability and the Acknowledgment of a HUMANS and HUMANITIES Capability, It’s the MAN whom is the Sheep, Lamb and Expendable Beast, as Humanity is before Man, I think your list will be long :slight_smile: and Require REAL sacrifice to realize as a reality, thus I say, The abandonment of the Artificial for that which is Real, “you”, “I”, “US” and “We”, Humanity seemingly impossible for those left wanting, that is also a result of many different things… My point, All things for Reason.


No one could ever accuse you of judging… could they?


I agreed the Title is Strong… My contributions are Justified if consider what they “say” and the purpose of posting them. Also I did suggest the title be changed for @JoeyArnoldVN sake and the record :slight_smile:

I am not Against any ONE, I am Against Destructive behavior that is a continuum, It’s these Actions that I Condemn, Not the Person Personally, I can Easily Admit I do not know them “Personally”.

PS: I did not create the thread.


I never said it wasn’t offensive. I was pointing out that its all in how you respond to the perceived offense. I think that’s a big problem our society faces today. Offense. People are so easily offended and a little too eager to expound on that offense with a steady stream of negative opposition. Ok so he says all unbelievers are Satanists. Did anyone catch the reason why he said that or were they too busy fuming over the offense?

Does anyone ever stop to ask pertinent questions anymore like “Hey why did you say _____?” or is everyone just looking to strike back because they have been struck?

I see the offense. I also see why he said that. And I also don’t agree with his delivery because he used forced language to drive home a message that people cant absorb because of the offense.


So CBN is Satanic? I hope you were being funny.


CBN… the network in Virginia Beach VA… oh yea they are Satanic.

All this technology is a distraction to what’s really important… survival. This is why we don’t seem to care the A.I. are going to come and kill us all.


I don’t know why anyone would say such a thing. Except to cause a ruckus. It’s the same as saying humanity would be better off without religion. I get what you’re saying & you’re correct. Guess we can all be a :snowflake: depending on the subject.


This after he made a thread about me, and after asking him many, many times to cool it with the trolling and the taking of others out of context. Honestly, I’m about fed up with the lack of moderation on this forum and the way users like @JoeyArnoldVN take advantage of it.


hahaha Oh poor baby. You talking about this?


I’ve come to notice the “End” has been coming for awhile now. I don’t know how many centuries it’s been coming. You think when we’re on Mars we’ll still have people saying that?


The topic is obviously meant to provoke and attack non-believers. I posted a few graphics and you accused me of being “hugely negative” which is BS. I can be hugely negative, but I choose not to, because I understand that the OP is most likely mentally retarded.


That’s the one I made about him. So what’s your point?



Please take ANY argument of the The Joey Arnold GO FUCK YOURSELF Thread TO that thread Please… Thanks, I believe HE has disrupted enough even if uninvitedly. :slight_smile:


We can’t BLAME others for ourselves, that “WE” are not accepting our OWN responsibility, in other words a Cop out!..

“Remember that at the End of the Day, We are the manifestation of a Words Meaning, and it’s affect unto ourselves, for words are empty and harmless”, consider by this understanding we can be less offended and more understanding.


I’m certainly open to the possibility that Jesus is a god! Are you open to the possibility that he isn’t? You see how that works? Who’s the one not open minded? Not me that’s for sure. I’ve been wrong so many times about things that I was certain of. It is very possible that you are right. It’s also just as possible for you to be wrong. Remember I’m not challenging your sincerity just your belief. Peace