Biblical Christianity is the truth and agnostic/atheism is satanic


Scapegoat and avoidance are not answers to simple questions or are you hoping someone else will answer for you.

Lol, have you even considered what I or others have contributed? Consider I know the book you steal from wholeheartedly hence my calling you a thief from this book along with others I have spent years of study, I only ask as you seem to assume you have any clue at all by providing words stolen from it as if your own, a shame quiet literary for it’s the ignorant and illiterate that take it for literal meaning, that which is written metaphorical, called scripture rewritten by the scribes that also translate very much incorrectly, hence the bible’s variations and its manifestation the it’s evil thing, artificiality, belief in and of the imaginary, a lie.

How can you say I am less when you offer nothing in return, are you hypocrite, my question was are you willing to discuss or are you set in your way?

Did you create this thread only to propagate bullshit? I ask this seriously… not offensively or aggressively as the many delicate snowflakes often use as an excuse or defense to avoid a question that require acknowledgement and honesty, something often taken as a menacing threat unto artificialitys.

@KJV I ask this honestly, I would like to hear what you have to say, but of words your own I will also say if it is just to spam bullshit I will leave you to it, so what is it, a discussion or spam in reality, what is true for you that is not stolen or borrowed?

PS: I am not against what you have “said” I agree, to much of it however in a different way…


The following are my opinions. There can be no sources other than the bible that atheistic/agnostics/satanists reject-
I repeat look at my points here which are shared generally by Alex Jones and infowars-

You have your presuppositions and I have mine.
I will not reduce mine to your level.
The beautiful words of God are there- believe them or be damned.

Here are some biblical presuppositions-

the world exists and is objective.

We all have individual self consciousness and experience an objective reality.

We all have a conscience.

The material existence is a revelation of God as I quoted in Romans chap 1.

Therefore it is knowable and measurable and reflects our objective experience of that reality.

This worldview paired with the Greek phenomena of logical realism (the renaissance) and the Protestant reformation (individual responsibility) led to western science, capitalism and democracy and all the benefits to the world that came from them.

The enlightenment negative aspect of the left hand (satanic agnostic/atheistic) path, as Alex Jones has expounded has since sought to undermine this.


Obviously, your opinion. You know what they say about opinions and assholes, right? And of course, the Bible is all you rely on. Typical. Your street corner called. They miss their raving lunatic.


REMEMBER @KJV that you too were once blind, deaf, and dumb like I was as well. Don’t scare anyone away with your legalistic KJB I mean JKV I mean KJV threats OK! As long as you keep the real thing the real thing and don’t try to get your own way with GOD’s people ALL made IMAGO DEI. He died for ALL, fact check me. The elect shall not LORD it over the un-elect. Correct?

Hope this doesn’t hurt your feefees, a word that PJW seems to like.


Why would it hurt my feelings? I’ll keep preaching the gospel to the whosoever wills, including honest sceptics and backslidden professing Christians alike.


The material existence is a revelation of God as I quoted in Romans chap 1. Therefore it is knowable and measurable and reflects our objective experience of that reality.

In my church, I teach how to resolve mortality by showing people how god put the explicit how-to instructions embedded in life itself, in particular, the human body. No human can sanely claim to have designed and created the physical body, therefore it could have only come from a designer/creator. Showing people this is called giving sight to the blind. This is the real teachings of the creator (John 1:1 In the beginning was the word) that’s existed since the beginning, billions of years ago, long, long before the bible ever existed. The organized religion of Christianity is really nothing more than mortal’s perception of what they think Christ is, and as a result of that fact they get things wrong, and that evidenced by the religion being divided into many denominations, tens of thousands of them.

The God Kingdom of Troy Thread

You better get busy reading the bible little man.
Then Job answered the Lord and said,

‘I know that You can do all things,
And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.
‘Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge?’
Therefore I have declared that which I did not understand,
Things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.’
‘Hear, now, and I will speak;
I will ask You, and You instruct me.’
‘I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear;
But now my eye sees You;
Therefore I retract,
And I repent in dust and ashes.’

Job 42:1-6, NASB.


I wasn’t aware “preaching the gospel” meant calling unbelievers Satan worshippers


My question is why?
Why would somebody or committee of the NASB take the 300 year old King James Bible Job 42:1-6 (Very easy to understand, no interpretation needed) and change the words? Such as in the Job 42:1-6. The King James has no royalties. There is no prophet except what the store might make in selling it.




That is such a good question. Put it on the apologetic thread if you don’t get your answer here. Or, are you asking it rhetorically?


That’s what I said. Call those that worship satan satanic. But “preaching the gospel” to attract followers while calling them evil satanists is not the best sales pitch.


It is what it is…


@Troy I have asked you before to offer enlightenment, however I wonder do we need attend your church, or can you share it openly by your own thread?

I ask because I am interested, but will not attend your church.

I would like to share a conversation. It’s related in many ways.

Just a consideration…


Paladin you be fightin the elements in the words of TOBY MAC. :] I LIKE YOU! YOu need to get back to me on my survey. You are my second Guinean pig…the first one was Russian and he chickened out. :]


I’m sure if we looked we could find things said about 5G were also said for 4G LTE.


I never said anything about Satan worshippers. See C S Lewis- the Screwtape Letters- the biggest trick of the devil is making people follow him without believing in him or anything supernatural.

Out and out devil worshippers are rare.

The God Kingdom of Troy Thread

The modern bibles are corrupt. Where they match the KJV they contain the words of God but they are not complete.image


Don’t backpeddle now. You clearly said those that don’t believe are “for the Devil” and “Satanic”. Bitch please.


That’s not devil worshippers. As I said in the C S Lewis thing many are satanic an of the devil without even believing in the supernatural.

All are lost without faith in Jesus.

All have sinned and come short of the glory of God
And as Jesus said to the non devil worshipping Pharisees- ye are of your father the devil and his works will ye do.

There is a narrow way leading to life (the gospel) and a broad was leading to destruction- everything else.

You might be an honest sceptic (truly seeking truth) or a dishonest sceptic (closed minded and blinded by sin).

If you are truly seeking truth just ask Jesus if he’s real and true to reveal himself to you and agree to follow him when he does. Read the KJV Bible with an open mind accepting that it could be true.